Mark 14:43-52 Seize Him!

Satin thinks he "caught" Jesus too

Satin thinks he “caught” Jesus too

Jesus, John, James and Peter are together in the garden of Gethsemane. Peter, James and John just recently woke up. Judas and his band of soldiers are approaching our little group. The time has come for Jesus to begin His final process; His trials, crucifixion and resurrection.

As this section is very important, we already looked at Matthew’s account of it. That discussion is titled “The Kiss of Death.” In that post we put ourselves into the action. Please feel free to pop over and check it out.

Jesus has just emerged from His prayer time with the Father. During His last time praying, God ministered strength to Him. He is fully ready to face down everything Satan has to throw at Him. Satan is going to try and hit fast and hard.

Judas was enticed by Satan into this plan. We are told that Satan entered into Judas even before he went to meet with the religious leaders. Satan thought he finally had Jesus right where he wanted Him. His plan was finally going to work out. A picture of Wile E Coyote when he “captured” the road runner just popped into my head. The coyote thought he had the road runner but that changed pretty quickly. Satan thought he had Jesus, when it was really Jesus’ plan all along.

When Judas walks up to Jesus to kiss Him, Jesus doesn’t shy away from the kiss or from being recognized. Judas had told the soldiers and guards to “seize Him and lead Him away under guard” (verse 44). Jesus didn’t need guards to drag Him off to prison. Jesus was ready to face this next fight.

Peter wasn’t willing to let Jesus go so easily. He was the one who chopped off the servant’s ear. Jesus put a quick stop to Peter’s protest.

Jesus healing of the high priest’s servant’s ear and His words should have deescalated the situation. I think it probably did to a little extent. At least His disciples weren’t fighting back for His freedom. Jesus spoke so forcefully to halt Peter that the remnants of His disciples all fled. There was even one young man who ran away naked, rather than fight for his clothes.

Funny that the soldiers and guards thought it was still necessary to tie Jesus up. They did this as part of prophecy. But there was no need to forcibly restrain Jesus. He went willingly. He would not fight, argue, or attempt any sort of escape from this moment on.

Lord Jesus, You walked every step of the road willingly. After Your time in the garden there was no hesitation in going where God was leading. You did that for me. I am unworthy of such a gift, but I am also very grateful. Thank You for caring for each of us that much!

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