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Mark 1:16-20 Come Follow Me

Follow Me

Follow Me

Jesus chooses His first disciples today in our reading. Three of these four would also become His closest disciples. This doesn’t mean that the other nine were any less important, but that Jesus developed a closer bond with three of these men than He did with the rest of His followers.

Whenever I think about Jesus calling His disciples I wonder what it was that prompted Him to call these men. I had always pictured Him walking by the sea and out of nowhere deciding to invite these men to share His life. Today I got a different picture of this event. I want to paint the picture for you too, but in order to do so we are going to have to back up in time just a little bit. We are going back to when Jesus first entered into His public ministry. Mark tells us that He “came into Galilee, proclaiming the gospel of God” (verse 14). This is where we are going start our story. Read more »

Matthew 4:18-22 Jesus Calls His First Disciples

fishing boat 2

Boats by the sea

What prompted Jesus to call Peter & Andrew? They weren’t doing anything spiritual or hanging on the edge of their seats at a religious conference. They were busy fishing when He walked by. What about James and John? They were in the boat helping their dad mend fishing nets. These four ordinary men were about their ordinary jobs when Jesus walked by and said, “Follow Me.” And THEY DID! Matthew says the “immediately” followed Him.

Luke 5 gives us a little more information on this encounter. In Luke’s account of the events Jesus taught a message from Peter’s boat and performed a miracle for the group before asking them to follow Him. This explains their “immediate” reaction but not His for choosing them in the first place. He was still walking along, trailing a crowd behind Him from Luke’s account, and chose four men from the most unlikely place.

What about those following Him around that day? Why didn’t He call some of them to be His disciples? They apparently were hanging on His every word, as I would expect any “true disciple” should be. What about calling someone from the religious sects? I’m sure that would have been a logical choice for anyone wanting to enter the religious scene. Read more »