Romans 15:14-21 Strong Reminders

Bold words spoken in love

Paul is wrapping up his letter to the church in Rome. He makes certain that they know he thinks highly of their faith and foundational knowledge base. But he also wants them to know that he has written this letter as a strong reminder for some of the teachings they need to revisit. He does this through the authority he received from Jesus.

Paul has made some strong points in his letter. One of the major themes is that we are saved by grace and not by works. He ensures that his reader doesn’t discount God’s law though and declare it wasted. No, it doesn’t result in salvation but God had good reason for giving it and through it Jesus was able to reconcile the world. Paul also makes sure that his readers know that the concepts of the law still apply to our behavior. The law is embodied in the two greatest commandments that Jesus spoke of.

Paul also addresses how “stronger” believers should welcome and care for “weaker” ones. I’m assuming this was an issue that was important to this church. As any growing church should be, the makeup of its body probably contained both. It’s the Holy Spirit’s job to quicken the spirit for growth, not the stronger believer’s job.

When Jesus met Paul on the road to Damasks He told Paul that he would be bringing the word to the Gentiles. This commission is what gave Paul the authority to speak so boldly to this group of believers. This gave him the right to say the hard things. And he was proud of the work the Holy Spirit was doing through him in Jesus’ name. Not personally prideful but grateful to be of use.

Thank You Father for sending Paul out to the Gentiles. I know You would have made another way if he was unwilling to go. But I’m grateful for his message of hope even if I don’t always understand everything he shares. Sometimes his analogies leave me scratching my head but then that is where I turn to Your Holy Spirit for understanding. I will gladly be weaker so You can make me stronger. I have a LOT of room for growth. Thank You for being direct with me too.

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