Revelation 14:1-5 A New Song

I can hardly wait to hear that concert!

Jesus is standing on Mt Zion with the 144,000. In Heaven a new song is being sung that is reserved especially for this group.

I am going to remind you again that I am NOT an expert in end time prophecy or in bible knowledge. This being said, again, I will share what I take from this passage.

The end of everything is near, but it is not time yet. There are still a few more pieces that have to be completed before Jesus’ return. So I believe that Jesus is with the 144,000 in spirit. I don’t believe He has returned at this point yet.

This 144,000 is not the total amount of people who will be saved during the great tribulation. They are the “firstfruits for God and the Lamb” (verse 4b). I believe they are the believers from the tribes of Israel that were identified in chapter 7. Israel has always received God’s promises first. Abraham was called out from among the people to become a nation for God. Moses received The Law of God. Jesus came to bring salvation first to the Jews then to the Gentiles.

There is something special about this group though. They may not be the only Jews that come to salvation during the great tribulation, but they stand apart from all others who do. Their conduct is different. “It is these who have not defiled themselves with women, for they are virgins/ It is these who follow the Lamb wherever He goes… and in their mouth no lie was found, for they are blameless” (verse 4). When it comes to following Jesus, this group is COMPLETELY sold out. And BECAUSE of their faith in Him they are completely clean.

A special gift is given to them. It is a new song that they alone can learn. Not because others can’t listen in and hear what they are singing but that their spirits are the only ones that have been given the ability to learn it. Their spirits have a different kind of bond with Jesus. And their blameless status gave them that right.

At the point in God’s timetable we are reading about today, the 144,000 haven’t learned that new song yet. The song is still in Heaven. I wonder if it is the angels singing it or if it is a choir director demonstrating it for them. Maybe it is the Holy Spirit doing the singing. The voice singing it is amazing!

Father God, I’m looking forward to hearing the new song. I know I won’t be able to sing it, but I will be able to enjoy it as it is sung to You. I wonder what other songs are going to be bestowed on those who turn to Jesus during the great tribulation. Will I have a special song too? I hope so! I look forward to joining in with the songs of praise in Heaven! I want to sing to You a new song too.

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