1. Victoria Nimmo Walters
    April 21, 2016 @ 2:32 PM

    My heart (and prayers) go out for your eldest grandchild. My eldest granddaughter (16 years old) is also living out a crisis of faith. Sigh…

    I too, pray for someone she will listen to, to come into her life and show her the way back to her first love. As a child she demonstrated a profound faith…and now she’s questioning ‘religion’ as being the most confusing thing in the world. How in the world she went from relationship to religion is so beyond my understanding.

    • avincent
      April 21, 2016 @ 3:12 PM

      My oldest son had or is having that crisis of faith for about 14 years now. As a child he was always reading his bible, could tell you every story in the bible and appeared to be my shining example. I wanted to be as committed as he was.

      When he moved out and started college he started into Wicca. I questioned him about the drastic change and he said that all his life he “tried to get God to notice” him and never felt God’s presence. He said he felt more connected with the Wiccan elements than he ever did to God. Of course this broke my heart and I continue to pray for him. He is the father of my two oldest grandchildren and has passed his uncertainties onto them. He hasn’t given them any religious direction, including his own, so they are left to decipher this world on their own. However, his “family group” has adamantly discouraged belief in Jesus and God.

      ANYBODY reading this, please pray for my little lost tribe! They all need our prayers and God’s help!

      Maybe your niece’s situation is like my son’s. Never really knew the relationship available, simply knew the rules of religion instead. Father God, get them PLEASE!