Mark 13:24-27 Jesus Coming in the Clouds

Lord there is NONE like You

Lord there is NONE like You

Jesus is still sitting on the mountain side, telling His disciples of what awaits us all at the end. He was sitting on the Mount of Olives when Peter, James, John, and Andrew approached Him to ask about the end of days. They wanted to know what would happen and when it would all take place. Jesus has shared with them what to expect leading up to that time, what will signal the final end, and now He shares how it will all finally end.

This story was also covered when we looked at Matthew’s account of Jesus words. You can find it under the title “Jesus Arrives a Second Time.” We looked at the events Jesus says will take place. Today I want to back up a little and look at the false christs and false prophets who He said would come first. I also want to compare the differences in the two times Jesus makes His appearance on Earth. 

In verse 21-22 Jesus talks about false christs and false prophets who would come saying they were Him and would perform signs and wonders. Their goal was to lead people away from Jesus and to themselves. Many people would believe their claims and turn to follow them. Look at all the different cults that have arisen in our time. Jim Jones and the Heaven’s Gate Cult fit this bill perfectly. Jesus says that when you hear people telling you about the Christ coming somewhere in specific, RUN the other way. Jesus says that when He returns for real, NO ONE will miss Him. We won’t need anyone to point Him out to us. We will ALL see Him at the same moment. If you have to go looking for Him, it’s not really Jesus. That is the litmus test.

I want to look at the differences in His comings. To make it easier, I created two lists.

First Coming Second Coming
Prophecy foretold Prophecy foretold
First Announced to Mary alone First told His disciples
Kept a secret as to parentage Deity fully known
Arrived as a helpless baby Arrives as a conquering King
Angels announced His birth Angels doing His bidding
The inconsequential were His first visitors All men will see Him simultaneously
Protected by His earthly father Needs no protection
Hidden from Herod Conquers the kings of the Earth
Grew up in an ordinary family Gathers His family from the ends of the Earth and Heaven
Began working miracles quietly and one at a time Power and glory obvious to all
Grew in popularity and practice Obvious division between believers and non-believers
Served all those in need who came to Him Came to take the throne as King and ruler
Religious leaders refused to believe Every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus is Lord
Suffered ridicule, shame and even death on our behalf Puts to shame all of His enemies
Satan thought he had won with Jesus’ death Defeats Satan and his earthly puppets
Rose from the dead Lived in Heaven where He interceded for us
Ascended back to Heaven Returns to Earth
Servant King, Sacrificial Lamb, and Savior Conquering King, Mighty God, Prince of Peace


The Jesus who returns is the very same one Who left over 2,000 years ago, but this time He will take the throne. His service as the sacrificial lamb is what qualified Him for His role as conquering King. Without His work the first time there would be no one worthy to be His family at His second coming. ALL would be lost. I’m looking forward to meeting my King in person and serving Him for eternity.

Lord Jesus, thank You for Your willingness to do what I could never do. For being the bridge that allowed me into God’s presence. For paying the price for my sin so I could live with You, free of all condemnation. I want to be part of Your army as You ride out of the clouds that day. Following my King, wherever He leads. Please help me serve where I am now too. Thank You for making me a part of Your family.

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