Luke 24:36-43 Surprise Visit

What’s for dinner?

We left off yesterday where Cleopas and his companion were telling the other disciples about their walk with Jesus. They were also hearing about Jesus’ visit with Peter. I can hear the women on the side saying, “We told you so!” Right in the middle of this discussion Jesus Himself appears! Let’s pop in beside Him and observe the reaction.

Cleopas and Micah (the name I chose for the second disciple on the road to Emmaus) are surrounded by the rest of Jesus followers. When they had first arrived they joined the group surrounding Peter. He was telling the group of his encounter with Jesus. Peter knew it was Jesus he had met but he was still wondering if it was a dream or a vision. Whatever it was, Jesus had told Peter that He forgave him. Peter still hasn’t forgiven himself so he wonders if maybe his mind was playing a trick on him instead. After all he promised Jesus, how could He so easily forgive him?

Cleopas speaks up from the back of the group, “No brother. I’m sure it wasn’t a dream. Micah and I encountered Him ourselves this very day! He walked with us for hours. He opened the scriptures to us like never before. I’m ashamed to say that we didn’t recognize Him until He broke the bread, just as He did during Passover. By the time we recognized Him, He vanished before our eyes.”

John speaks up, “That’s an amazing story Cleopas! Are you certain it was really Him though? I don’t doubt you but could it have been a vision instead?”

Micha laughs, “We both saw Him and heard His teaching for several hours. I don’t see how it could have been anyone but Jesus. The way He left us was nothing short of a miracle!” Cleopas nods his head in agreement.

At that moment, the hairs on the backs of everyone’s necks stand on end. Jesus has just appeared in the middle of the crowd! Startled yelps resound throughout the room with the women present being the loudest. Huge eyes stare at Him and His followers edge away from Him.

“Peace be with you”, Jesus says but He can see His disciples are not looking very peaceful. “Why are you troubled, and why do doubts arise in your hearts? See my hands and my feet, that it is I myself. Touch me and see. For a spirit does not have flesh and bones as you see that I have” (verses 38-39).

Jesus holds up His hands for all to see. Peter reaches out and touches Jesus’ arm. He feels real! Goofy grins begin to spread throughout the room. This is AMAZING! It really is Him! But how? Jesus knows they have questions before they even ask but He wants to cement the truth of Him physically being whit them in the room. “I want something to eat.”

Mary quickly darts over to the food stores and brings out some broiled fish they had left over from lunch. She hands the dish to John who in turn hands it to Jesus. He sits down and begins to eat. All eyes are on Him as He eats. There is much He wants to tell these most trusted friends of His, but for now, letting them fully take in His physical presence is enough.

Lord Jesus, it must have been quite a shock to see You suddenly appear in the room. All the doors and windows were shut and locked for fear of the Romans and the religious leaders. You met them right where they were instead of insisting they believe first. Their doubts couldn’t stop this miracle! I’m SO glad You didn’t need our faith to raise You from the dead. We would have failed You completely. Thank You also for providing the proof we needed to make the leap of faith. I’m looking forward to meeting You in person too. I adore our spirit to Spirit time, but my first physical hug from You will be the crowning glory of my life!

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