2 Corinthians 8:16-24 Faithful Servants

Be faithful with what He gives you now; then He will trust you with more.

We meet, some for the first time, several faithful servants. Some are not even named but their company is a blessing to all.

Paul is our first faithful servant. He has been sharing the word continually since his encounter with Jesus on the road to Damasks. Titus is the only other one in our reading today that is named. Paul is especially fond of him. He was the one who took at least one of the letters to the Corinthian church and brought back a report of their response to Paul’s correction.

Titus cared so much about this body that he chose to go to them on his own. He didn’t wait to be asked but volunteered for this task. Paul had told him a lot about this group of believers and he wanted to see for himself this wonderful group.

The next faithful servant we meet is not named but he is famous for his preaching. He has been appointed by the churches to help bring the gift provided by the churches to Jerusalem with Paul.

The last servant we meet has also heard of the church in Corinth and is eager to help in any way he can. He has proven himself faithful and “earnest in many matters.” He is going with Titus to help bring the Corinthian church’s gift to join the general gift being collected.

All these men have been found faithful. All of them serve God with their whole hearts. All of them are bringing the gifts from the different churches to Jerusalem. This is not an easy or light task these men have embarked on. Honesty, dependability, and courage are needed for this task. As a team they bring accountability for what was entrusted to them as well as a deterrent for any bandits along the way. Because of their proven reputation within the churches the believers are certain that their gifts will make it to their intended recipients. No Judas robbing the money purse here!

We can call each of these men “faithful servants” because they have proven themselves before God and men. “Whoever is faithful with very little will also be faithful with much, and whoever is dishonest with very little will also be dishonest with much” (Luke 16:10).

Father God I pray that I am seen as faithful. I try to be faithful in all I do. I’m not the most faithful in housekeeping though. I could use some work in that area. I need to turn that over to You. I have improved over the years, even in that area.

I’m attempting to be faithful in our bible study time. I have encountered discouragement but because of my commitment to You I keep going forward anyway. I need to stand firm in this commitment, no matter how others do or don’t react. I made this commitment to You.

I am firm in my commitment to my family. I do all I can to be there for them, however they need me. Thank You for giving me that opportunity. I have had to scale back on that some though due to my increased time commitment with Steve. Thank You for allowing me to be there for him too. You have truly blessed us in that area!

I so long to hear “Well done My good and faithful servant” from You when I stand before You.

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