1 Corinthians 2:1-5 Seen In Deed

Paul started with the basics

Paul reminds his readers today of how he witnessed to them; in deeds instead of intellectual arguments. I’m sure he tried the second route while in the synagogues but to the common man, he showed them God’s hand instead of told them.

During Paul’s stay in Corinth he did many miracles through the Spirit. The church started at this point and grew from there. Paul kept to the basic foundational truths while working with this group. Later on he tells us why. They weren’t ready to understand the deeper things. Paul’s main teaching in Corinth was Jesus Christ and His sacrifice for each of us.

Paul also didn’t hide his struggles from those he ministered to. “I was with you in weakness and in fear and much trembling” (verse 3). I’m not certain if Paul is saying that he was experiencing these issues or is saying that he didn’t abandon them when they faced these issues. Probably the former as he came to town on the run. He had been being pursued by angry Jews from Thessalonica. They followed him from Thessalonica to Berea when they heard he had begun preaching there. He made it to Athens but didn’t feel led to settle down there. I’m thinking he was still too close to the turmoil. Nothing like God to put burs in your nest to keep you from sitting down and taking a break while on His clock.

Paul didn’t establish a church and live on the generosity of its members. Instead he worked as a tent maker alongside two Jews who had been exiled from Rome; Aquila and Priscilla. He spent the rest of his time sharing Jesus with any who would listen. He kept it simple and he let the miracles draw the crowd. The people recognized the power of God in what they saw and they wanted what Paul had for themselves.

This group seemed to be having trouble moving beyond the basics shared with them. That was the reason Paul had to set them straight. Notice that neither Paul nor God abandoned these people because of their slow growth. Instead, the Holy Spirit inspired this letter and Paul tackled the heavy subject with them.

Thank You again Father for never giving up on me. Thank You for continuing to reach out to me, even when I’m not paying attention. Thank You for starting small with the easy stuff and working Your way up from there. Thank You for letting me see Your hand in action. I know I don’t see nearly the number of miracles that Paul encountered or participated in. That’s ok because I have seen Your hand in my life. Those times alone are enough to convince me that You are real and that You really care for me. I trust You to bring me safely through the harder concepts too.

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