1 Corinthians 2:6-16 What God Has Prepared

Wonder awaits those who look deeper!

Paul shares deeper truths with mature listeners. These truths are not worldly but Spiritual and imparted by the Spirit of God. The very things God has prepared before the foundations of the world.

Have you ever sat in service listening to the minister and received an “ah ha” moment? Sometimes the scripture that just reached out to you is a familiar one and sometimes it’s one you haven’t really looked at before. That “ah ha” moment was brought to you courtesy of the Spirit of God; the Holy Spirit. He was revealing truths to you that you were not previously ready to understand.

Sometimes you didn’t understand because of your maturity level and sometimes it is a situational event that has primed you for Him to unlock that treasure at that moment. Whatever the reason, God unlocked it in just the right season.

When Jesus walked the earth God kept a lot of information hidden. If the Jewish rulers had understood God’s full word they would have never crucified Jesus. But God had that truth hidden from them for a reason; His plan had to be completed. After Jesus’ death and resurrection, the Jewish leadership was so entrenched in their hatred of Jesus that they refused to see the truth being laid out right in front of them. They were still blind spiritually because they refused to let the Holy Spirit open their eyes.

Paul had been teaching the basics of salvation to those in Corinth the majority of the time. They were new to the word and needed time to develop in their faith. But there were also some whom Paul spoke of the deeper things of God. But it wasn’t Paul’s eloquent speaking that revealed the deeper truths to these listeners but the Holy Spirit Himself.

God has SO much more wisdom for us that we have not even begun to explore. But we can only understand when we allow the Spirit to open it for us. God’s wisdom is not like man’s. “The meek will inherit the earth” certainly flies against conventional wisdom. “You have to lay down your life if you want to save it.” And how about “turn the other cheek.” These are not things the natural world would teach but they are life to our bones. They are the very truths of God. The truths that He founded the universe on. The truths that He kept hidden until just the right time. The truths that He revealed to us through His Spirit.

He wants to continue revealing even more of His truths to us. We have a choice to make. We can stick our fingers in our ears and refuse to listen when the Spirit speaks or we can say, as Samuel did, “Speak Lord, Your servant is listening.”

Father God thank You for every one of the “ah ha” moments in my life! Some of them were little and some were so big I didn’t think I could contain them. Those are usually the ones that wound up in poems. Thank You for helping me process those moments. Thank You that each and every one of them were exactly what I needed at that moment in time. Even today’s. For today and every day after it, speak Lord, Your servant is listening.

I pray this is true too but if I’m not paying attention I trust that You will redirect my heart back to where I can hear You speaking. Open my eyes Lord. Open the eyes of my heart Lord. I want to see ALL of You.

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