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Luke 6:37-42 Judging Reaps Judgement

No excuses left

I have No excuse

GUILTY as charged! As I sit here and write about Jesus’ words on judging, I’m so frustrated I want to scream! Not at a person but at my cats. They are just being their natural self but that “self” is driving me NUTS! I know it sounds strange to be talking about my cats when it comes to the topic of judging, but they do go together; at least I think they do.

They are happily playing with everything they come across. All I see is destruction. Torn wrapping paper, boxes with little claw and teeth holes, ornaments knocked on the floor, nick nacks broken, walking across my computer keyboard, and any small item forever lost through the process of playing kittens. This is their nature but today it is my torture. I’m angry with them for being kittens.  Read more »