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Acts 24:22-27 Captivity Continues

Captivity for God’s purpose

We are still with Paul before Felix. He and the Jews accusing him were expecting a decision. Guilty or not guilty, that was the question.

I find it interesting that Felix had “a rather accurate knowledge of the Way” (verse 22). Exactly what does this mean? Does it mean that he knew all about the belief in Jesus and then new church that was being built? Could it mean that he understood the scriptures? Is he possibly considering becoming a believer? Is his “accurate knowledge” an intellectual knowledge or heart knowledge?

I think that question is at the center of his decision. Felix had heard of the concepts that the new church was being built on but he didn’t want them to apply to his life. I think he might have even agreed with some of the foundational principles. But he wasn’t willing to admit this to the Jewish council. He had to stall them. Read more »