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John 16:1-4 Forewarned is Forearmed

Only Jesus knows what is next and what we need to know for our future holds.

Jesus has been sharing some difficult things with His disciples during His final hours with them. He is also sharing some excellent promises. Today’s reading ranks with the difficult things and it is very direct. He wants to make sure His disciples are warned of what is to come and for a specific reason. He wants to prop them up with His knowledge to carry them through the difficult times to come.

Jesus knows His death is looming on the horizon but He isn’t focusing on Himself. Instead He is focusing on His disciples. He isn’t looking at their immediate needs either but their long term ones instead. Yes, they are going to face very distressing times in the next few days, but God is watching over them during this phase. Jesus knows they are safe in His hands. Jesus is instead preparing them for after He leaves them physically for the Father. When they will have to take a stand. Read more »