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John 9 Whose Fault Is It?

A new meaning to “here’s mud in your eyes”

We come to a story that speaks volumes to me personally. It is about a man who was born blind and Jesus healed him. The reason it’s so dear to me is that I was born with a serious defect in my vision. I’m not blind, but the question of “who sinned, this man or his parents, that he was born blind” (verse 2) was asked about me too. I LOVE Jesus’ answer. I also love how Jesus returns to the man later on to introduce Himself fully.

The man in our story had spent his whole life without sight. I’m certain he learned how to get along, but his life was still limited because of it. More than that, everyone who encountered him probably harbored the same question Jesus’ disciples asked that day. I have no doubt that he and his parents also asked themselves that very same question many times over. Read more »