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Luke 5:17-26 Raising the Roof With Praise

Desperate to get to Jesus

Desperate to get to Jesus

Luke is recalling another remarkable story in his writing today. He wants to tell Theophilus and us about one extraordinary day in Jesus’ ministry. We are going to do things a little different today and join the crowd in the aftermath of this particular healing. We will be listening in on David and Jacob as they discuss with Leman what happened.

“All glory to God; the Father of Abraham, of Isaac and of Jacob! He is too marvelous for words!”

“Yes Jacob, He is wonderful! All praise to Him for sending His Servant Jesus to do these mighty works among us! He is truly a Man of God!”

This is the conversation that can be overheard as David and Jacob leave the home where Jesus has been ministering all day. The meeting ended with an amazing praise and worship time. Shouts of praise to God could be heard flowing out every opening, including the new one up on the roof. Read more »