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Luke 5:27-32 I’ve Come For Sinners

Money lost its grip on Matthew

Money lost its grip on Matthew

Luke shares with us the calling of Matthew to the role of Jesus’ disciple. We looked at Matthew’s telling of his own story a while back. In that blog we looked at the calling as if we watched it happen personally. You can pop back over and check it out if you would like. The title was simply “Jesus Calls Matthew.” Not very original but it works.

I want to ask a few questions about the stories of Jesus calling His disciples. We don’t get to hear about how He came across all of them. We are told about Jesus calling Peter, Andrew, James, John, Philip, Nathaniel and Matthew. That’s a little more than half of them. The remaining disciples He chooses are called out from the group of people following Him after a long night in conference with God. We know nothing about how they met Jesus or how long they were following Him before being officially called as one of his apostles. Read more »

Mark 2:13-17 Came to Call the Sinners

No pills for my ills

No pills for my ills

We join Jesus walking by the sea again today. I’m assuming that it was the Sea of Galilee, but we are not told what city He was near. Wherever He is He has a LARGE crowd following Him, again. No problem; its lesson time!

Mark doesn’t tell us what lesson Jesus was teaching or how long it lasted. Mark simply picks up the story as Jesus leaves the seashore. I am curious where Jesus “passed by.” Was there a tax booth on the seashore? Was it as you entered a specific road between two cities? How and where did Jesus encounter Matthew? Was Matthew within hearing distance of Jesus’ teaching that day? Had Matthew popped in and out of his booth to hear Jesus speak? Had he been where Jesus was teaching on other occasions? Plain and simply, why Matthew? I wonder if Matthew wondered, “Why Matthew” too. Read more »

Matthew 9:9-13 Jesus Calls Matthew

Jesus at tax booth

Matthew, Follow Me

We finally get to meet our author in today’s passage. Jesus meets him as He is walking along the road. Matthew is sitting in his tax boot collecting taxes. Was that anything like a toll booth where you have to pay to pass on the specific road? I wonder where Jesus was going on this trip.

I want to take a little bit of time and see if I can imagine what this meeting looked like. Ok. Matthew is dressed in his business suit. He wasn’t wearing fine clothes because that would tempt robbers to attack him. He wasn’t dressed is scruffy clothes either because he had to command respect from those he was collecting taxes from. He may have been wearing some kind of official uniform or an official seal on his clothing that made him recognizable as a duly sworn tax collector for the Roman government.

Tax collectors were notorious for squeezing every last penny out of those they collected from, authorized or not. I’m thinking Matthew probably collected more than he was required to but didn’t resort to extortion like others did. My reason for this is that I don’t think Jesus would have called him as a disciple if he was overly abusive. But then again, Paul was used mightily by Jesus and was said to have been a disciple untimely chosen. Read more »