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Luke 12:49-53 NO Peace!

The ONLY path from death to life

The ONLY path from death to life

Today we are reading something that is burning within Jesus’ heart. He shares something that causes me to stop and think.

So many people today talk about Jesus’ love and how He loves everyone, but they don’t want to acknowledge the fact that He also divided everyone. In our reading today Jesus promises division, even in the home.

But we don’t like conflict! We don’t want to offend anyone! Aren’t we supposed to love everyone? Isn’t that what Jesus called us to do? How do we reconcile what He says today with our image of Him as the all loving and all accepting Savior?

Let’s start with clarifying a few things. First, Jesus DOES love everyone and He commands us to love also. He even said we were supposed to love our enemies and pray for those who treat us badly. Take notice here that Jesus acknowledges the fact that we and He have enemies. Read more »