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Luke 2:21 His Name Is Jesus

preemie and full term babies lying together

Easy to see who “cooked” a little longer

Today we get to attend another circumcision ceremony. This one is for baby Jesus. It takes place in the synagogue in Bethlehem eight days after Jesus’ birth. My bible lumps this verse in with the shepherds account but I wanted to break it out by itself.

As Jesus is a Jewish baby, He will follow all the rules and regulations associated with His birth. The first requirement is circumcision. During this ceremony His name will also be bestowed on Him. Mary and Joseph are still in Bethlehem. Not surprising after just giving birth. Mary needed time to recuperate. I wonder if hers was an easy labor and delivery. Being a first child this is likely not the case. Also being a virgin complicates matters a little more. Maybe that is another reason why God prepared a private birth place for them. Can you imagine the look on the midwife’s face if she had “peeked under the hood” and found the proof of Mary’s virginity intact while at the same time preparing to deliver a baby? Read more »

Luke 2:1-7 No Vacancy

A humble birth for our King

A humble birth for our King

Today we are going to look at the greatest birth story in history; that of the baby Jesus. As this momentous occasion unfolds, the rest of the world is clueless. They won’t remain that way for long though.

I love the song Silent Night. It evokes images of peace and serenity surrounding our Savior’s birth. “All is calm, all is bright.” Nothing could be further from the truth. Mary and Joseph arrived in Bethlehem when it was teeming with activity. EVERY inn is full to capacity and beyond. I wouldn’t be Read more »

Matthew 2:13-19 Fleeing For Their Lives

“A voice was heard in Ramah, weeping and loud lamentation, Rachel weeping for her children. She refused to be comforted because they are no more (vs 18)”

A couple of questions pop into my head right away. Question number one. Joseph and Mary went to Bethlehem for the census but didn’t return once it was over. Why not? The couple in Israel usually stays as an engaged couple while the husband works on their first home. Once the home is finished he goes and gets his bride and the wedding occurs then. Joseph had to cut the engagement short because of Mary’s condition. Does this mean they had no “home” to return to? If so, staying wouldn’t have been an issue. Joseph was a carpenter so he could probably find work anywhere. This also left them in Jesus’ birth place for the visit of the wise men.

Second, how long did Herod wait after the wise men left to realize he had been duped? He had to at least give them time to travel both ways and to search for the Christ. How long did they stay with Jesus’ family? How long after they left Mary and Joseph did the angel appear to him in his dream? Joseph had to get up in the middle of the night to get out in time. Did he go in the middle of the night because it was easier to conceal them or was it because they left IMMEDIATELY after the dream? Read more »

Matthew 2:4b-12 Wise Men Still Seek Him (part 2)


The sign is renewed

Ok. We left off in our story with the men from the East at Herod’s court asking directions. Herod has just gathered anyone who could have any knowledge of what these men were talking about. And he was shaking in his sandals worried.

First off I want to note that he didn’t think their claims of a new king being born to be bogus. My bible says, “He inquired of them where the Christ was to be born” (verse 4b). He knew this King was to be the Christ! I don’t know if he knew the whole significance of the Christ, but he knew it spelled disaster for his rule.

The men he had gathered looked to the scriptures for their answers. They found exactly what was requested of them because God had already told them what and where this miracle was going to take place. This gave Herod half the answer to his problem.

I want to step outside the story for a moment and look closely at the titles given in this search. The wise men sought the “king of the Jews;” Herod ask for “the Christ;” and the scribes and chief priests offered “a ruler who will shepherd my people.” I don’t have a Greek, Hebrew or Latin translation (and wouldn’t know how to use it if I did) but how did they know they were all looking for the same thing? Did they use the same Greek/Hebrew/Latin word? Did God impart this knowledge to them during this encounter? How did they all agree on the significance of this child? Read more »