Jude 24-25 He is Able

You are FAITHFUL and You are ABLE!

Jude closes his letter with a promise and a praise. A promise that God is able to care for us, and praise for the AWESOME God we serve.

Jude’s original intent on writing to his fellow believers was to share the joy of their salvation. The salvation that he discovered AFTER his Brother’s work here on earth was finished. Jude didn’t recognize the truth until after Jesus’ resurrection, but, PRAISE GOD, he did get it then! And he wanted to share that joy with others.

His joy was not the content of his letter but he comes back to that joy in his closing. The first part of that joy is founded in the fact that Jesus CAN keep us from stumbling. This doesn’t mean we will walk perfect lives and never miss a beat. What it does mean is that He is there to catch us every time and will right us if we let Him. Those who have given their lives to Him will NOT be left on the roadside to fend for themselves. He walks beside us ALL THE WAY HOME. We will not always listen to His warnings, but even then, He doesn’t leave us. PRAISE GOD!!!

He also cleans us up when we do fall. This is how He can present us blameless to God. Jesus paid the price for ALL our sins while on the cross. When we bring them to Him He cleans them from our life. He justifies us; just as if I never sinned. Then, at the proper time, He brings us before our Father with excitement in His heart. Our face to Face introduction is something to rejoice about when we have Him as our Lord and Savior.

Jude ends his letter with praise. The praise he didn’t give his Brother while He walked among us. ALL glory, majesty, dominion and authority for ALL time belong to Jesus and the Father. EVERYTHING has to bow to their names. And someday it ALL will. For now, only those who have seen the truth ask Him to assume that rightful position. Make NO mistake; this IS His rightful position and praise. We simply need to give honor where honor is due. This is our joy and privilege to do so.

Thank You Lord Jesus for sending Your Holy Spirit to lead me in my daily walk. I know I don’t get everything right as we go along, but even then You still “have my back.” Thank You for being there to restore me to right standing with God when I do fall.

I’m looking forward to the final face to Face meeting! ONLY because of Jesus’ work and Your love is this possible. Thank You!!!

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