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Luke 4:14-15 Fresh Out of the Gate

Now that's love!

Now that’s love!

Jesus returns from the wilderness in our story today. Luke gives a general broad statement as to how the beginning of His ministry went.

First thing that Luke tells us is that “Jesus returned in the power of the Spirit” (verse 14). We know from the other gospel writers that Jesus didn’t begin doing miracles for a while. His first one was at a wedding in Cana after He began calling His disciples. Jesus didn’t demonstrate the miracle working power of the Holy Spirit until that point.

So how was it that the Spirit was working through Jesus? I believe it was through His teaching. I would not be surprised though to learn that He was teaching in the synagogues as soon as He emerged from His wilderness excursion. His message hit home with the Read more »

Mark 1:14-15 Jesus’ Ministry Begins

Today in our reading Jesus begins His ministry. Jesus didn’t step out and begin His public ministry until after John was arrested. John’s arrest came on the heels of Jesus’ testing in the wilderness. Jesus’ message fulfilled the preaching of John’s.

I wanted to look at John the Baptist’s ministry to get a little background. In my Google search I found a website which answered my questions through scripture; My main question was, “How long was John’s ministry?” The answer I found was that John’s ministry was very short, lasting less than a year before he was put in prison by Herod. John would be in prison for Read more »

Matthew 4:23-25 Jesus, the Itinerate Preacher

God had been silent for around 400 years (according to scholars) when John the Baptist and then Jesus appeared on the scene. It was time for the “greatest story ever told” to be lived out in “Technicolor” before their eyes. Jesus, God’s own Son, would be that story. The people living it with Him were unaware of the significance of what was happening right under their very noses.

Jesus walks

Jesus walking the dusty roads of Galilee

Jesus’ message to the people started out with the same message John the Baptist was sharing; REPENT for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand! His message expanded from there. He also didn’t stay in one place or one region like John did. Jesus “went throughout all Galilee, teaching in their synagogues and proclaiming the gospel of the kingdom…” (Verse 22a). Read more »

Matthew 4:12-17 Jesus Takes the Stage

Galilee mapHow long after Jesus’s baptism did John get arrested? Was it just as Jesus was finishing His fast? How long was John held in prison before he was killed? I have been doing some research this morning trying to answer this question and have not found a definitive answer. John was in prison during Jesus’ ministry and Luke tells John even sent some of his disciples to ask Jesus if He was the one they were waiting for. How quickly problems crowd in and wipe out certainty. God Himself had just testified to Jesus’ deity in the river Jordan.

John was also killed by Herod while Jesus was still teaching. John’s disciples brought back Jesus’ reply to John’s question. Did that settle his heart and mind before his death? Did John expect Jesus to come and rescue him from prison? John knew he was on a mission from God, so how could being in prison be part of that? John didn’t ask his disciples to ask Jesus to free him though. John probably consoled himself with knowing how all the previous prophets had been treated. He was in good company on that point. I trust that God walked with him and gave him reassurance even to the second of his death. Read more »