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Luke 7:36-50 Forgiven Little, Loves Little

She loved much and was saved by her faith

She loved much and was saved by her faith

Luke brings us the story of Jesus’ anointing. I’m not sure why Luke chooses to bring us this story now. Maybe it is because he is going to talk about the women accompanying Jesus next. I’ll leave the “why now” to the Holy Spirit and simply go with the flow.

The woman in our story comes into the Pharisee’s house where Jesus is eating dinner. Luke shares with us his name but not our woman. John tells us she was Mary, Lazarus’ sister, IF these are the same events. That is a debate that bible scholars have been engaged in for some time. IF they are not the same event, then Luke’s inclusion of it here may be due to chronology. Either way, this woman will receive more than she gave in this encounter.

Jesus is eating at the home of a Pharisee named Simon when a woman who was known by reputation came in. Simon knew her to be a sinful woman. He doesn’t specify what her sin is but it must be pretty big considering Jesus’ question to Simon. Read more »