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Luke 12:8-12 Standing For Jesus

Cliffside view with stand up for Jesus superimposed

He is the rock on which I stand

Jesus is still speaking to His disciples. He is speaking about their commitment and preparedness for what is ahead. I’m thinking the crowd was also listening in on their conversation because this message applies to them and us too.

In our reading today Jesus starts out by talking about acknowledging Him before men and Him acknowledging us before God. When traveling with His disciples there wasn’t much chance for them to deny knowing Him. It was obvious that they were together. But soon there would come a time when it wasn’t so obvious. The first instance of that was when Jesus was taken into custody and Peter, trying to see what was going on, denied knowing Jesus three times. This would be the last time Peter made that mistake. Many of Jesus’ disciples would lose their lives for not denying Him after He ascended to Heaven. They refused to deny Him before men; consequently He readily acknowledged them to His Father. Read more »

Mark 3:22-30 Watch Your Step

Wile e Coyote steps off a cliff

A step too far!

We join Jesus today as He is healing people from diseases and casting out demons. Mark doesn’t give us a location for this encounter, but it could have been anywhere and anytime in Jesus’ ministry. This was what He did on a daily basis.

Mark tells us that the scribes, who came from Jerusalem, were watching what was going on from a little way away from Jesus. They were spreading their poisonous words through the crowd. Essentially trying to turn the crowd away from Jesus. Jesus was not unaware of what they were saying, even if they were out of earshot. Read more »

Matthew 12:22-32 Oh No You Did NOT Just Say That About The HOLY SPIRIT!

you said what

You said WHAT!?!

Jesus has left the scheming Pharisees behind in the town and is out in an unspecified place healing anyone brought to Him. He has been fulfilling God’s prophecy about Him in Isaiah when who should appear but MORE troublesome Pharisees.

Matthew tells us that one of the people Jesus healed while He was in this place is a man oppressed by a demon that made him both blind and mute. As expected, Jesus heals this man and he is able to both see and speak. I’m not making light of this miracle but reminding us all that Jesus healed ALL those who were brought to him. I don’t know where this man’s faith was on the “believing spectrum” because he was “brought” to Jesus. Was he brought because he couldn’t get there himself physically, or were his friends intervening in his situation on his behalf?  Was he simply brought to Jesus by Jesus’ disciples after making his way to the meeting place? However he got there, Jesus met his need in full.

The people in the crowd following Jesus were amazed by this healing! I’m sure the man was overjoyed too. I was a little confused by the people’s reaction, because Jesus has been healing for a while now. Until I realized that they were now asking themselves if Jesus was actually David’s son, the prophesied Messiah. Many people were coming to Him every day knowing that He could heal them. They were accepting Him as a prophet or teacher. Now they were recognizing Him as the Messiah. Read more »