Romans 10:1-4 God’s Plan

A stumbling block or a stepping stone? You choose

We are actually finishing the end of yesterday’s reading. I should have continued on a little longer. Paul is continuing to address the reason Israel missed the mark.

When we looked at the “picture” in the end about the two people at the end of their lives we saw exactly what Paul is referencing here. Israel was so concerned with doing all the right things in the proper order at the exact time required to elevate themselves to righteousness. They were relying on their own works to be “acceptable” instead of turning their hearts to God and letting Him make them righteous.

For centuries the scribes and Pharisees had been adding to God’s Law with their own interpretations and regulations. This was their plan now. It bore little resemblance to the plan God had established. God’s plan was absolute and could only be fulfilled by One Individual; Jesus Christ. Nothing the religious leaders came up with would work the same.

Jesus was the completion of the requirements of the Law. He finished the contract/covenant. There was nothing left undone. Accepting that fact and receiving His gift of that work was all that was left for us to do. ANY of us, including the Jews.

But that was not something they were willing to accept. That is what/Who they “stumbled” over. “How could it be that simple?” “What about my working my way to righteousness?” “Where do my good works fit in?” “Aren’t I good enough on my own?” “But this is how my father’s taught me to do it.” All these attitudes kept them from seeing the truth.

THANK GOD we don’t have to try and live up to the standards of the Law. None of us would make it. That is exactly why Jesus had to come. We couldn’t do it. He did it for us instead. We can NEVER be “good enough.” How good is “good enough?” Perfection, only Jesus could attain.

Thank You Lord Jesus for taking my place and doing what I had no hope of ever doing. Thank You that I don’t have to try and be good enough on my own. Thank You that You made me righteous instead. I will continue doing what pleases You ONLY as an act of love and appreciation back to You. NOT as my way of earning my own way in. Thank You that I “fell” on Your truth and now have built my life on You, my solid rock.

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