Revelation 19:1-5 Just Deserts

He has room for ALL who will come!

Victory shouts and praise erupt in Heaven at the fall of Babylon the great. She was a “great” tormentor to those singing now.

When I read of the scene in Heaven today I meet it with conflicted feelings. I rejoice with those in Heaven who are witnessing the fall of their oppressor. But my heart also breaks for the human life lost in this great judgement.

I have never lived under great evil. If I had, maybe my attitude would be different. All those within the walls of that city were committed to the ideals and practices of the beast. His “heart” was set on the extinction of anyone who didn’t worship his name. I’m sure he had favorite methods for trying to persuade those who didn’t agree with him to join him instead. That is how the altar was filled with the spirits of the martyrs. Death was the result of refusing to accept the beast’s mark and message.

But was everyone in the city 100% sold out to the beast and his methods? Were there pockets of those who were really undecided or just going along to get along? Were they ALL beyond saving?

The questions I’m encountering remind me of Hitler and those who bought into his ideas. In the concentration camps there were MANY who “excelled” in their job of being cruel, but were there any “soldiers” who hated the treatment of the prisoners? Were there any that actually assisted the prisoners as best as they could? I’ve heard stories of those who did becoming prisoners themselves. So that left the worst of the worst in charge.

Is this the type of people who now remained in Babylon? At the time of her destruction was she devoid of ALL who still had any chance of repentance? If that is the case, then YES, I will rejoice along with all of Heaven!

We are also faced with the fact that there IS a line that divides those who will be with God for eternity and those who won’t. That line is as solid as can be. It does NOT move. There is no getting over it, under it, or around it. There is only one way through it. That way is Jesus Christ. He is the ONLY door into Heaven. “But I was a good person” won’t cut it. Nor will “but I didn’t know!” By the time Jesus steps foot back on earth EVERYONE will have had a chance to know Him. And those who refuse to accept Him as their Lord and Savior will NOT be included in His family. His arms are open to all but He will only embrace those who come to Him. There is no slipping in while He is distracted. Nor is there anyone being too dirty for Him to love.

God is holding the door open for the LAST person to come. He will not shut it until EVERYONE who will turn to Him has done so. He knows all our names and what it takes to bring us to Him. He also knows those who won’t come, no matter how hard He reaches out to them. He knows OUR choice. He wants us all to make the choice to love Him but He WON’T force His will on us. WE make the choice. And WE have to live with the results of that choice.

That day in Heaven, when Babylon the great falls, the choices have been made. My heart can hurt for those who refused His love, but that sorrow will be eclipsed by the knowledge that He is just and that no more of His children will be hurt by this abominable beast! Free at last, free at last! Thank God, we’re free at last!!!

Father God, I’m SO glad You make the decisions on who is part of Your family. I don’t know the hearts of people like You do. If I was in charge I would probably be moving the line so much it would look more like a jump rope competition than a final judgement scene. Thank You that You make sure EVERYONE knows what’s at stake before You close the door. Thank You for getting my attention and keeping my attention focused on You.

I pray for those who have not yet decided to come to You. I don’t know what it will take to get their attention but You do. My heart cries for those who will refuse, even though they see You calling out to them. I know it breaks Your heart too. I can’t imagine the pain it will cause You to have to shut the door on so many souls. But shut it You will.

Thank You for the joy that will be in Heaven. That joy will eclipse ANY pain that tries to stick around! I look forward to the “happy times” ahead. Help me focus there too. Don’t let me get stuck in the “what if’s” or the “if only’s.” Help me join in the praise of the completed work, at least for a while. Then help me work HARD in helping You make sure those in my sphere of influence know the truth. And help me recognize and accept their right to choose. I PRAY my children and grandchildren make the right choice!

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