1. Victoria Nimmo Walters
    April 12, 2016 @ 4:27 PM

    Wow! I have loved this series on the Disciples Job Description. I am especially drawn to this episode (for lack of a better word…) because I have specifically heard from the Lord two things about the calling upon my own life.

    1) That I am called to the Ministry of Helps. When I first recognized that call, my Senior Pastor made the comment, “We are ALL called to the Ministry of Helps…and most of us never leave it.”

    2) I am called to “Minister to those who minister.” That is a little more specific to me, I think.

    Whereas the Ministry of Helps is very general and wide reaching, ministering to those who minister places me in a supportive role rather than in the front lines of the battle. I’ve tried (and temporarily filled) leadership roles that are on the front lines, but that is not where I am gifted and called to be. My best role is behind the scenes facilitating the work of those called to be on the front lines.

    I had never seen the depth of this passage before–in fact–hadn’t even considered it as being a job description. Thanks for Breaking Open the Word for me with this series.


    • avincent
      April 12, 2016 @ 8:12 PM

      You have no idea how much this comment means to me! While doing this “series” I have been afraid I would offend or was missing the mark. When I started it, it was so clear to me. But as I went through the days, especially the days that were overpacked with other obligations, I was afraid I wasn’t really sharing what God wanted to share. I pray that what was shared really DID convey His message.

      I have always felt I was called to serve with children and in music. Mainly because that is where my heart lies. I started to say I didn’t have any opportunities in those areas any more but got a BIG “wait a minute” in my spirit. I serve a MUCH smaller group now than I did in the past. My group ranges from age 12 years to birth. It includes all my grandchildren. I get to sing to them, hold them when they cry, tell them about Jesus, and challenge their belief system on occasion. I also get to serve their parents by providing consistent loving care when they are unavailable, provide them with encouragement and praise, and occasionally challenge their belief systems too.

      One especially special person I get to serve is my husband. I get to support him in his growth spiritually as well as physically meet his needs. One of the greatest supports I get to offer him is in song. When I sing to him, we both benefit. My attitude is much better when I am singing during my day and that makes both of us happier.

      Thanks God for showing me that I am still employed by You in what You first called me to do. Thank You for the new job classification too. I pray I serve You well in it.