Mark 9:30-32 Private Time with Jesus

Jesus and His disciples walking

On the road with Jesus

Jesus and His disciples are taking a trip through Galilee today, but they are doing it along. HOW DID THAT HAPPEN! While on their private trip Jesus has some things He wants to talk about.

Jesus has become so popular that there are throngs of people wherever they go. Jesus can’t even enter into the cities very easily because of the amount of people coming to Him. He has earned this popularity through His miracles. He freely gives to all who seek Him. He doesn’t charge for His services. He teaches with authority. He welcomes even the lowliest of sinners.

Right now though, Jesus needs some time alone with His disciples. He has to prepare them for what is coming. So He performs another miracle. He keeps the crowds from coming to Him. Did Jesus shield them all from the eyes of the people as He did when the Pharisees in John 8:48-59? Did God hide Him? Did God make all the people in the region not need Him during this time? I don’t know, but it WAS a miracle.

During their alone time Jesus again brings up the subject of His impending death AND resurrection. Any time Jesus brought up His death He also included His resurrection. Jesus spent some time teaching His disciples about what was to come. But they still didn’t get it. Did they think He was speaking in parables? Were they playing the “lalalala game” where you stick your fingers in your ears for anything you don’t want to hear? Did they zone out whenever He brought up the subject? The certainly didn’t want to hear Jesus talking like this about His future. They had other plans for His future.

But they HAD to hear this. They didn’t have to believe it yet, but they had to know. Jesus was NOT going to leave this information to the last moment. Jesus had shared some of this before. The first time Jesus shared about His death Peter took Him aside and rebuked Him. Peter, James and John got to hear it an extra time on the way down the mountain with Jesus. We are not told the exact words Jesus used during their personal time. I’m assuming it was more detailed that what Mark or Matthew wrote because it took some time for Him to finish this conversation. It took long enough for them to walk some distance in the region of Galilee.

While Jesus was teaching His disciples about what was going to happen, they had questions arise in their hearts and minds. But they didn’t ask them. Were they afraid of another confrontation like Peter provoked? Were they hoping that if they ignored this information Jesus would forget about it and it would go away? Were they convinced that they could thwart any attempts that might arise against Jesus? They were scared and they didn’t understand, but they kept quiet.

We know Jesus knew exactly what they were thinking and feeling but He didn’t confront them about it. He knew they were still missing a few pieces and also that they would eventually get it, when the time was right. Until then, He just kept planting seeds and tending the budding plants of their faith.

Father God, forgive me when I think I know what is best, just like Jesus’ disciples did. You have all things in Your hands. Jesus was speaking the truth. The disciples simply didn’t want to hear it. I do that too often. When You answer a question or prayer in a way that I don’t agree with. When You tell me to keep walking the path I’m already on instead of taking a hard left onto a more appealing path. When I scream and cry after You tell me no. I’m sorry for my attitude in each of these situations. Thank You Jesus that You didn’t give up telling Your disciples the truth, even when they didn’t want to hear it. Thank You that You don’t give up on me either. I suppose sometimes I need time for the full plan to unfold too.

Please keep my fingers out of my ears and prompt me to ask my questions instead of keeping silent and stewing. Thank You for allowing me to ask You anything. I’m so looking forward to our bench time!

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