Luke 22:63-65 He Endured It All

He endured it for my sake

Jesus will endure many instances of mocking and abuse during this long ordeal. Luke brings us an account of the soldiers’ treatment of Jesus while He is enduring His first trial. Matthew tells us of Jesus being mocked and beaten by the Roman soldiers later on. John will bring us one specific incident where Jesus actually speaks back to His abuser, but we’ll get to that one later.

Luke shares with us the abuse Jesus suffered at the hands of His own countrymen; the temple guards. These men were under the authority of the Sanhedrin and we know their plans for Jesus. They wanted Him dead. So there were no restrictions put on His captors to treat Him fairly.

Jesus could have stopped it all with a single word, but He didn’t. He stood silent as they hit Him and spit on Him. When they mocked Him by blindfolding Him and telling Him to prophesy He refused to rise to the bait. He easily could have answered their taunts and then some. He knew everything about them, but He remained silent. Not out of necessity but out of obedience.

I wonder if these men who blasphemed Him that day would repent later. Did any of them eventually recognize the truth of what they had done? Jesus had already stated that blasphemy against Him would be forgiven, but did they request His forgiveness? Did any of them accept the forgiveness that He offered while on the cross? I’m sure they were included in those He prayed to His Father for.

Jesus, I’m SO sorry for what You endured. This wasn’t even the worst of it. Did it hurt Your heart more with this group because of who they were? Family seems to be able to hurt us more than anyone else. Love held You still while these men abused You.

I abuse Your love with my behavior sometimes. When I get angry over little things or refuse to forgive some slight. The price You paid to give me Your love was/is enormous! How could I possibly think my “suffering” comes even close? I HAVE to forgive because You forgave first. Thank You for Your love Jesus. Help me live a life that exemplifies gratitude for the price You paid for me.

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