James 4:13-17 How to Make God Laugh

If you want to make God laugh, tell Him your plans and how YOU will accomplish them on your own.

James enters the realm of the business man today. His caution to them is to make God the center of ALL their decisions.

Have you ever heard that old saying, “If you want to make God laugh, tell Him your plans”? It appears that James is following along with that thought. But he takes it a step further. He says that by NOT asking God what to do with our future is a sin.

We all make plans for tomorrow and beyond. If we didn’t we would never move forward. But not involving God in those plans and asking HIM where we should go is the problem. I’m wondering if that is how my life got SO far from where I thought it would be. I’m not complaining because every step that I took led me to where I NEEDED to be.

I used to say, “God knows what He is doing, I just wish He would let me in on it. But I have plan A in motion and plan B and C are still up my sleeve.” That was my arrogance talking. Yes! God knows what He is doing in my life but if I don’t sit down and talk with Him about it I won’t know His plans. Sometimes, even then, I still don’t know.

James highlights that it is the boasting about your plans that is evil too. The men in his example were proud of their plan for their future and expected great things out of it. They also expected it to be by their own hand and hard work. But we honestly don’t know what tomorrow will bring us. We don’t even know if we will be here from moment to moment. Only God does. So give Him the credit for what is to come and place your future in His hands. That is the only place it is safe!

Thank You God for holding my future. I don’t know what tomorrow will bring. I’m praying that You bless and protect us on our upcoming vacation. I wish I had taken some time to consider what our days might look like before I said yes. I’m sorry I didn’t pray about it first too Lord. That is my sin. Please forgive me. We are committed to this process now and excited about it. Please bless it, and those we travel with.

Thank You Father for leading me to my husband and for making each step of my journey before him contributed the things I need for our lives today. Without some of the training I wouldn’t be able to handle his needs today. THANK YOU for those preparations. Please help us with this upcoming vacation.

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