Hebrews 7:11-28 Comparing the Two

God had a BETTER way but both were necessary.

The priesthood of Aaron was not sufficient. We needed a High Priest of a different line. We need Jesus as our High Priest.

Melchizedek was the first priest named in the bible. He was outside of the Law God would give to Moses later on. We are not given any specifics of how he attained this distinction or calling but we can be certain that it was through God and not man. The reason I say this is because God said that Jesus would be of the same order. “You are a priest forever, after the order of Melchizedek” (verse 17).

The second priesthood that God established was done so through law. The priests were called because of birthright under the law. They had no other requirement to entrance than that of bloodline. Jesus could not legally serve in that priesthood because He was not of the tribe designated under the law as priests.

Jesus’ bloodline was much more excellent than those of the Law. He also served with a more excellent promise. He chose His place of service and honored that place with complete obedience to God.

The Levitical priests were assigned jobs by lot. God was believed to be in control of the casting of each lot but this put no responsibility for the assignment on the individual. They simply did the job they were assigned. Jesus placed His life in God’s hands and chose to step into His specific role.

The priests under the law served for a finite term. The high priest’s duties lasted one year and then a new high priest was chosen. Jesus’ service in the role of High Priest is everlasting. Once He completed the work set before Him, He stepped into this role for the rest of eternity.

The priests in the line of Aaron had to make daily sacrifices and especially for themselves. If they came to present an offering for the people’s sins without cleansing their own first, they were struck dead. Jesus’ sacrifice was required to be made once. He had no sin of His own so when He presented our case before God, He was fully heard and the sacrifice accepted.

Jesus’ sacrifice was wholly acceptable because it was a MUCH better sacrifice than ALL the sacrifices of the priests under the law. They gave of the blood of animals, others, while He gave of His own. None had ever offered to give such a price. And none would have been worthy if they had. Jesus’ life He gave was perfect and spotless; without blemish. None other could say that.

Lord Jesus, You filled a role NO OTHER could. And You did it willingly. Without Your sacrifice I would still be without hope. You brought hope where the law fell short. Thank You for Your willingness to do the hardest job ever asked of ANYONE.

Thank You Father God for sharing Your Son with me. You gave Him to this world for the purpose of bringing the world back to You. I’m sorry for all the pain that cost both of You. I too wish there had been another way. But I’m MORE than grateful for Your plan. Please help me live my life reflecting my gratitude every day. Never let me take for granted Jesus’ service to You as my sacrifice. Thank You Jesus, with ALL my heart.

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