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Romans 14:13-23 No Stumbling Blocks!

Don’t become the stumbling block for your brother/sister

Paul continues to address how we each honor God but he goes deeper into how we honor one another too while doing so. He addresses how we show our love to our brothers and sisters by being sensitive to their level of faith.

Last time Paul instructed us to welcome the “weaker” brother/sister without criticizing him/her. Today he tells us to even refrain from exercising our freedoms in front of those who, by viewing our conduct and possibly participating themselves, might stumble in their relationship with God. This demonstrates our love for our weaker brother/sister.

We are to consider what is more important to us; our brother’s faith or our own freedoms. Paul is not telling us to forego our freedoms permanently but simply to hold off engaging in them in the presence of those who don’t yet have the faith to grasp those same freedoms. Read more »