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Luke 22:24-30 In The Trenches

The greatest is the one who serves out of love

We are still in the upper room with Jesus and His disciples eating the Passover supper. When I looked at the topic I wanted to shake those boys! Today! Of ALL the days they had with Jesus, they picked THIS day to argue over who was the greatest! They didn’t have our perspective on this day, but of all the days to have this argument.

Luke is not the greatest at giving us a linear timeline in his account of Jesus’ life. We jump around timewise but follow topically instead. I’m wondering when this conversation took place in the dinner. Did it happen before Jesus broke the bread and passed the cup? Did it happen before He washed their feet? What was going on when this “dispute” broke out? Or could Luke actually be referencing another time when this discussion arose? Read more »

Luke 9:46-48 Service For Love’s Sake

Welcome little one

Welcome little one

Today we get to read the story about “who is the greatest” among Jesus’ disciples. Mark shares this same event and we covered it at that time. Matthew shares a similar event, which we also looked at.

In the blog on Mark’s telling we looked at the story and how Jesus dealt with correction concerning this argument. We also briefly touched on the subject of the “path to greatness.” This blog was “Oh to Be On His Lap.

With Matthew’s similar event Jesus was approached and asked directly, “Who is The Greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven.” Jesus answers this question by talking about becoming as a child. We looked at the attributes and attitudes of a child in that blog.

I want to focus on what the child actually represents (or what I feel he may represents) in this story. Our little child is the least productive member in society. You could say he is the least valuable in Jesus’ society. He has intrinsic value to his parents, but his current position does not contribute to the pocketbook of the family. He actually drains it. On the other hand, children were considered a sign of God’s blessing on a family. A childless couple was thought to be cursed. Read more »

Matthew 18:1-6 Who is the Greatest In the Kingdom of Heaven

Become as little children

Jesus and His disciples are still in Capernaum at someone’s home. It may have been Jesus’ home or Peter’s or James and John’s home. We are not told that there were a lot of people there but there must have been at least a few, otherwise where would the child used in today’s illustration come from. Besides all that, Jesus always drew crowds, especially when He was at home.

I’m assuming Jesus’ disciples had been hashing this question out before they brought it to Jesus. Were they upset because the tax collectors singled Peter out as the one to approach regarding Jesus’ behavior? Was Peter still down by the sea fishing during this discussion? What place of importance were they arguing for? We know that they were expecting an earthly kingdom. Were they planning out the seating order at their “King’s table?”

The disciples brought their question directly to Jesus for His input. Apparently they hadn’t come to any consensus among themselves. Jesus threw them a HUGE curve with His answer. I wonder what they were thinking as Jesus calls for a nearby child and gets him/her settled on His lap for the lesson. “Can’t we ever just get a straight answer?! Does everything have to be another lesson?” Read more »