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Acts 3:11-26 An Answer For Us

God is always on time!

The last time we met we were looking at the miracle of Peter and John with the man lame from birth. One of the things we pondered in that story is the fact that Jesus must have passed this man on many occasions but did not heal him. I think we see the answer today as we continue the story.

Peter, John and our no longer lame man enter the temple after the healing miracle. Luke tells us this man “clung to Peter and John” while they were there. He was walking and leaping and praising God for his healing.

This was an astonishing feat because everyone knew this man and his condition. Later on Luke tells us the man was 40 years old. PLENTY of time to become known by the whole town. He came to the temple daily to beg. So the people were in awe of what they were seeing, as anyone might expect. Read more »