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Luke 9: 28-36 Private Prayer Time

Hands lifted in prayer

Prayer changes us too

We are visiting a very amazing scene today. It isn’t the view or any historical relics that make it so amazing, but the attendees and the events leave one breathless. The scene I’m referring to is the mountaintop where Jesus’ glory shone through like the sun. The place of Jesus’ transfiguration. We have already visited this site with Matthew and Mark but Luke ads a couple of things we didn’t see in the other stories. If you would like to look back at our first two visits, click on the links “Jesus’ Transfiguration” and “The Son in His Glory” for a quick review.

Luke tells us that Jesus took Peter, James and John to the mountaintop to pray. Jesus often stepped away to pray by Himself but this time He took His closest three disciples with Him. He would also take these same three men with Him into the Garden of Gethsemane for the same purpose. Read more »