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1 Corinthians 16:19-24 My Love Be With You

No truer words!

We have come to the end of another of Paul’s letters. He is saying his farewell to his Corinthian family, for a while anyway. This has not been an easy letter to write or receive. Paul addressed several critical issues, but he did it all in love.

Paul starts his closing greeting by mentioning familiar friends and associates. Aquila and Prisca had been with him in Corinth during his first visit. They are very invested in this group. I believe that is why they send a “hearty greeting in the Lord” to the believers in Corinth. Aquila and Prisca went on to host other churches in their homes as they moved about. They are currently in Asia as Paul is writing this letter.

No matter how many issues were in need of addressing, the believers in the other churches send their love and prayers. That’s what the body does. It doesn’t break down into little cliques and refuse to reach out to its other members. It bands together and uplifts its other members. That is exactly what Paul was calling for this body to do too. Read more »