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Acts 18:18-23 Paul Visits Home

Sometimes we all need a break

We join Paul as he leaves Corinth. He has had a fruitful stay there but now he is ready for a change.

Paul stayed on in Corinth a little while longer after the Jews tried to turn him over to the Roman government. God had given Paul safety while in Corinth so he could minister to the vast number of people He had called Paul to reach. There was a thriving church there by the time Paul decided to leave.

I’m wondering what it was that moved Paul to leave Corinth. Did he receive word from home? Was he feeling homesick after all the time he was away? Was there some kind of business he needed to attend to in Antioch? We know that he cut his hair in response to finishing a vow. Was the vow being complete part of why he left? Could it possibly be that he was tired and simply wanted to go home for a bit to rest? Read more »