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Exodus 32:1-35 Out of the Fire

Israel’s god met the REAL God and only ONE was left after that.

God is concluding His time and instructions with Moses. Meanwhile, down in the camp BIG trouble is brewing and Aaron is in the thick of it.

God and Moses have spent a wonderful time together on the top of Mt. Sinai. Joshua has been in attendance throughout as Moses’ scribe and helper. But it is time to rejoin the camp and bring back God’s words to His people.

This is not the place our story starts though. It starts in the camp way below the presence of God. I want to say it starts with boredom or fear but I really don’t know that for sure. Let’s look at the scene and try to figure out where things went off track.

We are not told how many days Moses and Joshua were up on the mountain but we do know what transpired just before they left. The people had gathered around the mountain, at God’s command, and He demonstrated His presence to each of them in an unmistakable way. He also asked for and received a commitment from the people that they would serve Him only. Moses brought many of the leaders partway up the mountain where they experienced God in an even more personal way. And then Moses was called the rest of the way up to meet personally with God. Read more »

Exodus 25:1-9 Building Plans

My granddaughter wearing the dress I made for her mother. (Not the greatest picture of the dress but the baby girl wearing it is precious beyond words.)

God is pleased with the people’s response. He wants to give them a closer relationship with Him by moving into their midst.

When the people left Egypt they carried off gold, silver and textile goods. They got these by asking their Egyptian neighbors for them and their neighbors GAVE it to them! That was one of God’s amazing miracles too. How many people do you know that, when simply asked, will turn their wealth over to another? There was no threat or weapon held to their heads. They gave because GOD gave the Israelites favor in the eyes of the Egyptians.

I have a feeling that there was some fear too because of all the plagues they were suffering. NOBODY wanted to give the Hebrew God another reason to be mad at them. Read more »

Exodus 24:1-18 A Deal Struck

A place prepared for the people’s answer and the confirmation of it.

God has finished giving Moses Israel’s first marching orders. He sends him back down the mountain to gather the elders to seal the deal.

We aren’t told how long Moses was on the mountain for this instruction session. I don’t know if the people were waiting at the foot of the mountain or in camp but it was time for them to hear what God had to say. Let’s rejoin the story as Moses makes his way back down the mountain.

♥ ♦ ♥

Moses has been on the mountain receiving instructions from the Lord for some time. He has eagerly taken in every word spoken to him. These are the commands of His God; not just the God of his fathers. Moses’ whole heart longs to please Him and to do exactly as He says. Moses is also anxious for the people to hear the Lord’s words so they too can follow Him with right hearts. Their future depends on it! Read more »

Exodus 22:16-23:9 Neighbor to Neighbor

God’s plan unites, not divides. W need a LOT more of His plans in action.

We are continuing with Moses on Mt. Sinai where God is fleshing out the commandments. One addressed today is bearing false witness.

In the instructions God is giving Moses today, some of the results for sin come from the people/justice system and some come from God. Sacrificing to other gods and mistreating widows and fatherless children are two sins that God specifically says He will get involved in punishment over them. They both come with a death sentence from God. The death penalty administered by man is only sited in the offenses of sorcery and sex with animals. Most of the other issues listed don’t say what recompense would be measured against the one committing the offense.

One that is specific, beyond what was already listed, is seducing a virgin who has not already spoken for in marriage. Notice here that we are NOT talking about rape. The woman in this example was seduced indicating at least basic consent. The man is then required to pay the “bride price” to the girl’s father. The father has the right to refuse to allow his daughter to marry the man but the man pays the same amount of money Read more »

Exodus 20:22-26 Altar Laws

Handmade gifts are FILLED with love! That same love is what God wants poured into where me meet Him.

God is beginning to flesh out His outline. The first issue He addresses is the place He and His people will meet together; the altar.

The altar God is calling for is a simple on. One made with the person’s own hands. One that can be made anywhere at anytime. It is a personal one made from a personal heart’s desire to honor the Lord.

A little bit later God will give Moses instructions for a corporate altar. One that is used by all the people together, but today’s instructions apply to the individual specifically. Read more »