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Numbers 18:1-32 Much Is Expected

The Levites’ role was to stand the gap between God and the people. To bear their sins to Him.

God has reconfirmed His choice of the Levites as the ones to stand before Him. Now He shares the full cost/benefit analysis.

Because of their position the Levites will carry a burden that the rest of the people won’t. They will lose some of the benefits afforded to the other tribes but will also receive some special benefits that the others won’t.

God addresses the burden that will be placed on their shoulders. The burden I’m referring to is that of carrying the people’s sin to the Lord. They would be the ones who ultimately would stand before God wearing the people’s sins. The people would bring their sacrifices to atone for their sins and then the priests would submit that petition to the Lord. That sin was counted against the priest offering the sacrifice. If it wasn’t offered properly the sin was not removed from the priest’s shoulders through forgiveness. Read more »

Numbers 8:23-26 Retirement

Old age doesn’t mean and end to usefulness. Different roles but just as important.

God specified the age requirements for the Levites to be serving within the Tabernacle. From 25 to 50 they were required to wok.

We already looked at God’s call for the Levites to “come to do duty, to do services in the tent of meeting” (Numbers 4:3, 23, & 30). The wording is not exact in each of these three references but the intent is the same. God called Moses to number all the Levites from the three different lines who were between 30 and 50. These were the men who were to do duty, to serve in the tent of meetings.

In our reading today we are told that they had a more defined span of service. God called for the men between the ages of 25 to 50 to serve in the tent of meeting. After 50 they were allowed to do guard duty but not serve in the tent itself. Read more »

Numbers 8:5-22 Separation

Aaron performs the cleansing called for by God for His special servants.

We are still in the early days of the Tabernacle in our reading. God calls the Levites to stand in the place the first born should have taken; separated unto Him.

God has told Moses in several places that the firstborn of people belong to Him. He ransomed the lot of them from Egypt. But He chose a different way instead.

He chose the Levites instead. He didn’t choose them because they were the symbol of perfection. He didn’t choose them because they were the easiest bunch to work with. He didn’t even choose them because they were the tribe that was closest in number to the number of firstborn He was relinquishing exclusive right to. I believe He chose them because they were the tribe Moses was from.

Moses and Aaron had been acting as God’s spokespersons for some time. He could have used ANYONE from any tribe. But He chose to work with the little baby that was placed in the reed basket, saved by Pharaoh’s daughter, raised in the ways of Egypt, KNEW of his heritage, stood up for his people against their oppressor, hid his guilt, cried out “NOT ME”, and finally followed His commands with his whole heart. Read more »

Numbers 3:5-39 Levites’ Jobs

A little more data added to our visual. Click on it for a closer look.

God numbers the Levites and assigns their camping spots and duties. This tribe’s number is different than the rest in that ALL males are counted from one month old onward.

The tribe of Levi is the smallest tribe of all. Not only is their number smaller but the way they are counted makes that number even more significantly smaller. I wonder why this is. Again I turn to Excel to give me a visual representation of this. I updated my last chart with today’s information and also ordered the tribes according to Jacob’s original sons. Read more »