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Acts 18:24-28 Man On Fire

This is the GOOD kind of “heartburn”

We get to meet another new believer today. His name is Apollos and he is on fire for the Lord. We don’t get a lot of background information on him. We know he was Jewish, came from Alexandria, “was an eloquent man, competent in the scriptures” and “had been instructed in the way of the Lord” (verse 24).

This introduction leaves me with a couple of questions. First question is who was his instructor? I don’t believe any of the brothers had gone to Alexandria at this point. My bible helps tell me that Alexandria was a famous place of learning. Was Apollos instructed by the Holy Spirit or by someone else? Was his instruction a formal education or self-taught? As Jesus’ life and deeds were well known it is not hard to imagine someone from Alexandria hearing about Him. Did Apollos search the scriptures and discover the truth without anyone but the Spirit to guide him, did he go to where the missionaries were ministering, or did someone who had already heard come to Alexandrea? Read more »