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John 12:9-11 Lazarus Is a Threat

Creation shouts Your glory

Jesus made it to Bethany in our reading last time and had dinner with Simon the leper/Pharisee. It is almost Passover and everyone has been on the lookout for Jesus. When many of the people learned that Jesus was in Bethany they came to see Him. But they also came to check out the miracle He had performed in Lazarus.

It just dawned on me that Simon was a Pharisee and should have been in collusion with those seeking to kill Jesus. I wonder why he didn’t turn Jesus in that day. Apparently he didn’t invite his Pharisee brothers either. Dinner might have been a whole lot different that night if he had. But that wasn’t part of God’s plan. The Pharisees would have to wait until GOD said it was time. Read more »