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Luke 13:6-9 Where’s The Fruit

When will you bear fruit?

Are you bearing fruit?

Jesus shares a story with us today. He tells His listeners about a vineyard owner and his fig tree. Luke is the only one who shares this parable with us. Jesus has other encounters with fig trees, but this one is unique to Luke’s gospel account.

I have a question I want to ask Jesus concerning this story when we have our bench time. What I want to know is how old this fig tree was. I want to know if it was a well-established tree or a newly planted one. The fig tree doesn’t usually fruit for the first five years. This farmer had only given this tree three years. His vinedresser asked for one more year. That would have still been too early for most fig trees to be bearing fruit. The added manure might have speeded up the process, but I don’t know for sure on that point. Read more »