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Matthew 6:19-24 Where is Your Treasure?

Where is you treasure

Where is you treasure

Jesus continues His teaching and we join Him as He addresses our “treasures.” If you are anything like me, your bank account laughs at this word if you try and apply it. But Jesus says not all that glitters is gold. What you truly value is your treasure.

Jesus says plainly here that we all have a choice in where we put our “retirement funds.” He says that we can gather up EVERYTHING we can while here on earth and trust it to get us through for all eternity, OR we can trust God to provide what we need to make it through this life while we work on His plans.

Let’s look at some examples so we can understand what He is actually calling us to do. Let’s start with my house. In my house we have a wide assortment of STUFF. This week alone, my washing machine has broken, my dryer has finally aggravated me enough to try and fix its issues, my celling fan is making a weird noise (maybe a bearing going out), and my husband’s computer had a fan going out. That is FOUR money sucking problems in one week! My husband is leaning VERY heavily towards replacing the washer and dryer because this is not the first time one of them has failed. Ok. If my heart were invested in my bottom line, this would be a BIG problem, especially if we do replace the appliances. This is a prime example of “moth eating” and “rust damage” taking my earthly treasure. Things wear out. Things break over time. Thieves would come into this picture if my repair man weren’t so nice and reasonable. Bottom line is, if my bottom line and the shine of my “toys” was where I placed my value in life, I would be forever disappointed. Nothing here on earth lasts forever! Read more »