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Luke 2:21 His Name Is Jesus

preemie and full term babies lying together

Easy to see who “cooked” a little longer

Today we get to attend another circumcision ceremony. This one is for baby Jesus. It takes place in the synagogue in Bethlehem eight days after Jesus’ birth. My bible lumps this verse in with the shepherds account but I wanted to break it out by itself.

As Jesus is a Jewish baby, He will follow all the rules and regulations associated with His birth. The first requirement is circumcision. During this ceremony His name will also be bestowed on Him. Mary and Joseph are still in Bethlehem. Not surprising after just giving birth. Mary needed time to recuperate. I wonder if hers was an easy labor and delivery. Being a first child this is likely not the case. Also being a virgin complicates matters a little more. Maybe that is another reason why God prepared a private birth place for them. Can you imagine the look on the midwife’s face if she had “peeked under the hood” and found the proof of Mary’s virginity intact while at the same time preparing to deliver a baby? Read more »