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Luke 1:57-66 His Name Is John

A sign of the covenant

A sign of the covenant

Zechariah and Elizabeth have a son! This couple, who had been childless for SO many years, were finally blessed with a baby.

OH I have some questions for today! Let’s start off by backing up to the moment Zechariah came out of the temple. After he doubted what Gabriel told him he was “unable to speak” to the people and “he kept making signs to them and remained mute” (verse 22). When I looked at my bible helps, it tells me that the Greek word used in this verse can mean “deaf”, “mute” or both. We are not specifically told which of the three alternatives it was. So that raises even more questions for me.

Since we are told that for the first five months of Elizabeth’s pregnancy she stayed hidden in her home, how did her home function? We know Elizabeth remained sequestered Read more »