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Numbers 21:10-20 Well Song

Israel is still on the move. We see them traveling through what is called Transjordan.

I have never been very good with these types of records. I want to be able to read where they went, look at a map and be able to see it spelled out. Unfortunately, the world has changed since Israel went out on that journey. The names have changed and many of the places mentioned no longer exist and can’t be pinpointed. In short, no precise map of their journey exists outside of Heaven.

That being said, scholars are still able to make an educated guess by the landmarks God identifies in His word. The route we receive skirts Edom and Moab. Read more »

Leviticus 25:1-7 Sabbath Year

God is ALWAYS the provider of the harvest but during the Sabbath year it is even more evident!

God calls for a rest for the land as well as the people. This practice is to begin once they take possession of the Promised Land.

Many experts in land use will tell you to rotate your fields and to give your field fallow times too. This is to keep the soil from being depleted. Different crops use different minerals out of the soil. Some need higher nitrate concentration while others require more phosphorus. As soil is a living ecosystem it is important to care for it if you want it to continue to grow healthy crops.

Surprise! God knew this too and put it into His Law to ensure His children respected it. God called for every seventh year for the cultivation of crops to stop. No plowing. No planting. No large harvesting. No pruning the grape vines. No harvesting the grapes. No wine production. None of the agricultural activities that would provide for a family’s sustenance AND income. Read more »

Exodus 17:1-7 Hard Water

Moses obeyed and God provided enough water for ALL, including the animals.

The children of Israel are thirsty again. But instead of trusting in the Lord and asking His provision they “grumbled” at Moses again.

When Israel faced a water shortage before, I was gracious and empathized with their need for water. Water is STILL necessary for life and I understand their need for it. But they didn’t draw on ALL the experiences where God came through for them before. Or did they?

Each time they faced trouble they griped and complained until Moses interceded for them. Then God would move on their behalf. Maybe that is how they thought things would continue to work. They didn’t have to do any of the “trusting” or “faith work” themselves. All they had to do was pester the one with the connections to get their needs met. Bad parenting maybe? Or hard hearted and hard headed people? Read more »

Luke 22:7-13 The Preparations God Made

God prepared in advance for Jesus’ need

We are entering the last days before Jesus’ final sacrifice. We don’t know exactly what time it was when His disciples came and asked Him where He wanted to eat the Passover meal, but we know that within 24 hours after eating it He would be dead. Dead but not finished. I’m getting ahead of myself here. Let’s slow down and savor the last moments with Him.

The day of Unleavened Bread was the official beginning of the Passover celebration. Luke tells us that on that day the Passover lamb was killed and prepared for the meal that would take place that evening. Luke also tells us which of His disciples Jesus tasked with the job of preparing the lamb, finding the room, and preparing the supper. He chose two of His closest disciples; Peter and John.

Peter and John didn’t say, “Why us” but “where” instead. Jesus gave them more than they asked for. He told them “how” to recognize “who” He was sending them to, “where” they would be following the identified person to, and “what” to say to him to communicate
Jesus’ need. Read more »