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Joshua 3:1-17 Over Jordan

This was a once in a lifetime miracle for most of the people. (I borrowed this picture from Archaeology Illustrated.)

The time has come to cross the Jordan and for God to show that Joshua is His chosen leader. Just like with Moses at the Red Sea, the people cross the Jordan on DRY ground.

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“Is it time yet? Is it time yet?”

“Not yet.”

“Is it time yet? Is it time yet?”

“Not yet. Be patient!”

“Is it time yet? I’m so tired of waiting.”

“Not yet but very soon!”

“When is it going to be ‘soon’?” Read more »

Joshua 1:1-9 New Leadership

I may not look like much to the world but with God by my side we can do ANYTHING!

Welcome to Joshua! We mourned with Israel when Moses died on the mountain top. Now it is time to move into God’s promise with Joshua.

Joshua has been under Moses’ tutelage for the past 40 years. The past several years Moses knew he wasn’t going to be going into the Promised Land with them. I don’t know if he told Joshua right away or if he held out hope that God would change His mind and didn’t tell Joshua until God said to anoint him as the new leader. I can’t imagine the magnitude of the task Moses laid on Joshua’s shoulders! And he didn’t have years of Moses helping him ease into this role or available if he felt like he was in over his head. Read more »

Deuteronomy 34:1-12 Gathered Home

God sat with Moses on the mountain side and showed him His promise.

We have reached the end of Moses’ life. He goes up on one last mountain with God to look over the land that He had promised the people.

Moses was a special prophet. There had never been a prophet like him before and never again would there be. God knew him face to face, the number and kinds of miracles done by God, and the magnitude of the mission God sent him to do. He wasn’t the only one of God’s prophets that were special to Him but they had a unique relationship. Read more »

Deuteronomy 33:1-29 Last Act

Moses blesses the people with a Father’s blessing.

Moses performs his last act for Israel. He gives them a blessing and prophecy just as a father would do prior to his death. THE Father is the author of the prophecy.

I am interested in comparing the blessing Moses gave the people with the blessing Jacob gave his sons. Let’s look back at Genesis 49 and see how these two blessings show us Israel’s future.

Both Jacob and Moses started with the tribe of Reuben. Jacob’s blessing to Reuben started out strong. Reuben was his first born and the one expected to take the leadership of the family but his behavior towards one of Jacob’s wives put him in SERIOUS trouble with his father. All his rights and strength were Read more »

Deuteronomy 32:48-52 Last Directive

Moses’ attitude was at the root of his trouble. But the growth of the people is why God said “No” to Moses’ request.

Moses’ job is almost done. God gives Moses one final directive. Go up the mountain, look at the land and lay down to die.

Moses knew this day was coming. He knew he had sinned in the issue with the rock and water. God told him He was displeased with him right after the incident. Moses tried to get God to change His mind but He held firm. Read more »