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Exodus 40:34-38 God’s Presence

God’s presence was visible for ALL to see from the day His Tabernacle was erected.

God moves into His house. After all the construction and erection is finished it is time for God to inhabit His Tabernacle.

The first thing that popped into my head as I started writing is “Moving Day!” but God didn’t move. He still maintained His home in Heaven but He allowed His presence to inhabit the Tabernacle created for Him too.

Something else just struck me as I was rereading our passage. I have often bemoaned the attitudes of the children if Israel in the wilderness. I wonder how they could be so blind to the presence and omnipotence of God. They fell into rebellion so many times that God finally said “ENOUGH” and prevented the original group from entering into His promise. Read more »

Exodus 40:1-33 Erecting the Tabernacle

Was it by “simple machine” power?

Or man power?






Everything is finally ready and all together. It’s time to have an old fashioned “barn raising.” God’s house is going up!

It has been almost a full year since the children of Israel left Egypt. They left on the 15th of the first month. God now tells Moses that on the 1st of the first month he is to erect the Tabernacle. Read more »

Exodus 39:1-43 Priests’ Clothes

These aren’t the colors displayed on the outside but could be the undergarments.

It’s time to make the clothes for those who will minister to the Lord. God gave specific requirements for these garments and Bezalel followed them to the letter.

This is the final piece in the construction process of the Tabernacle. Everything else has been completed. But this piece is no less important than all the other items created along the way. The priestly garments are to be worn EVERY TIME one goes in to minister to the Lord. And ONLY those doing that task will be allowed to enter the tent of meeting itself.

Moses had set up a tent of meeting outside the camp from early on. This was where anyone who wanted to meet with God would go. Moses himself went there daily. He loved meeting with God. As he was not given a priestly robe, would he be granted access to the Lord’s Tabernacle? Or would he too have to go through the priesthood to gain access to the Lord? Did he put away his own tent of meeting? Was there now a separation between him and God? He would be the one to dedicate the Tabernacle and also ordain Aaron and his sons. Did this leave Moses in a closer relationship with God; in his current relationship? Read more »

Exodus 38:21-31 Cost of Construction

Everyone brought of what they had and together it was used to make God’s house.

It is time to take an accounting of what was used to make the Tabernacle. This is for the structure, its furnishings and the things used within its doors.

Let’s start by stating our measurements. My bible helps tells me that a “talent” was about 75 lbs. or 34 kilos. A “shekel” was about 2/5 ounce or 11 grams. So let’s do some math from here. I’m curious what the worth of the materials would be today.

Material Amount Pounds Kilograms Value in Dollars
Gold 29 talents, 730 shekels (29.2779 talents) 1936.4016 878.337 $44,889,984.05
Silver 100 talents, 1,775 shekels (100.6757 talents) 6658.5578 3020.271 $1,794,082.07
Bronze 70 talents, 2,400 shekels (70.9136 talents) 4690.1318 2127.409 $6,659.99

THAT IS A LOT OF MONEY! That is also a LOT of weight! Realize that the people were Read more »

Exodus 37:1-38:20 Tabernacle Construction

God gave the visions necessary for His words to be brought to life.

Bezalel continues the work on the Tabernacle. We see that he makes it exactly as God had commanded Moses.

We are told that Bezalel made all the pieces for the Tabernacle. I have a feeling he shared the workload with the other craftsmen who were involved in the Lord’s work but everything was done under his direct authority. He probably left his “fingerprints” all over the project in one way of another. I expect he may have been the one to hammer out the cherubim and the lampstand. These two piece would take a vision from the Lord to actually see what it was He was calling for.

I have to admit that reading that Bezalel followed the specifications given by the Lord is NOT very exciting. We don’t get any insight into what was going on as the work progressed or what kind of detail was added to the projects. It’s pretty cut and dry throughout all the recording of the work. Read more »