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Ephesians 1:3-14 The Original Planner

He knows all the obstacles and the special attractions.

Paul continues his prayer and greeting for the Ephesian believers. He prays for this people whom God knew before He even said, “Let there be…” God only has a Plan A. He doesn’t need Plan B.

Paul painstakingly brings his reader from creation until (their) now to communicate how deeply and personally God cares for each one of them; us too. God “chose us in Him before the foundation of the world” (verse 4). He didn’t just pick us to be special but to be adopted through Jesus. He chose us to be His children. Read more »

Romans 15:8-13 Hope For All

I will sing Your praise!

Paul ensures his readers today that ALL people, including the Gentiles, have always been a part of God’s plan. He uses the Old Testament writings in doing so.

The salvation of the Gentiles was not an afterthought. Nor was it simply a result of Israel’s rejection of Jesus. It was in God’s plan all along. The fact that the prophets of old included direct mention of hope for the Gentiles is proof positive of this.

The first promise in the Garden of Eden was given to woman’s seed, not specifying any nationality or division. When speaking to the serpent (Satan) regarding the woman’s seed God says, “He will crush your head, and you will bruise His heal” (Gen. 13:15).  Paul quotes Isaiah’s prophecy here. “And again Isaiah says, ‘The rood of Jesse will come, even He who arises to rule the Gentiles; in Him will the Gentiles hope’” (verse 12). So from Garden to Garden Gentiles were included. From the Garden of Eden to the Garden where He rose, God had ALL of us in His plan. Read more »

Romans 9:1-29 Chosen Children

NOT how God chooses!

Paul brings us something very interesting to contemplate today. Who deserves salvation? Why one person and not the other? I don’t know that I have the answer but we are going there anyway.

The last time we met we looked at the fact that God “foreknew” who would choose to follow Him. Today’s reading gives me pause to reconsider that point. I still hold to the basis of God knew from the beginning but why didn’t He put more “ah ha” moments in everyone’s path so we would ALL turn to Him? Why do some people seem born to be born again and others seem to be damned from birth? Read more »

John 2:23-25 He Knows The Heart

I’m SO glad He doesn’t give in to our tantrums!

We have just finished reading about how Jesus has cleared the temple and answered the religious leaders as to why. He didn’t really give them the answer they were looking for, but the answer that was a foreshadowing of things to come. He knew their part to play and He planted a seed in their hearts for their part. In today’s reading we are going to look at the crowd there in the temple during Passover.

Jesus’ ministry is still very young; about six months old. His fame is growing but He has not started attracting the HUGE crowds yet. Those He is attracting are coming because of the signs they are seeing. Read more »

Matthew 2:19-23 Out of Egypt

Billy's route

Taking the long way Home

Joseph believed in dreams. I frequently have vivid and weird dreams. Sometimes I try to figure them out. Joseph, however, had dreams directly from God. Were they always so straight forward as our narrator tells us or did he have to figure them out? Were the ones we are told about in Matthew the only ones God spoke to him in? Raising God’s son, I would expect a bit more direct input. I put my two cents in with my grandkids upbringing on occasion.

Apparently Herod was not convinced he got the Christ in his murderous night at Bethlehem. The bible says, “Those who sought the child’s life are dead.” He still looked for him as long as he lived. Joseph even expected Herod’s son to carry on the search to some extent. God kept Jesus safely in Egypt until after Herod’s death. This kept Jesus, Mary and Joseph out of Herod’s reach. Read more »