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Genesis 29:1-30 Double Wedding

The start of a not so happy relationship.

Jacob reaches his kinsmen after his long journey and finds exactly the bride he was seeking. But instead of one bride he ends up with two.

When Jacob finally arrives in the area of his relatives he happens upon a group of shepherds. This was his profession while at home. He is intimately familiar with the demands of this job. These shepherds had their sheep lying down in groups waiting for water.

Before doing anything else, Jacob established where these shepherds were from and if his uncle was doing well. He had to make sure he had come to the right place. He didn’t have GPS and he had never visited this part of the world before. Read more »

Genesis 28:10-22 Sweet Dreams

Jacob is on the run but also on a mission from his father. While on his way to Haran he had a special encounter with God. He received promises and made vows on the spot where he slept.

I was trying to get an exact number of miles between Beersheba and Bethel but Google was giving me distances from some point in the United States to a point in Israel. NOT what I was looking for. So I pulled up a bible map and found it to be about 50 miles between them. So it would have taken Jacob several days to reach this spot; I would say three at the least. That also depends on how quickly he was traveling to get away from Esau.

The first thing I noticed about this journey of Jacob’s was that he wasn’t making it in comfort. He didn’t have camels or bedding or even a pillow for his head. He probably had his robe, staff, water skin, food, and a money pouch. He was the son of a rich man but he wasn’t traveling in style. He also appears to be traveling alone. Nowhere on this journey do we see references to servants or companions helping him along the way. This was a dangerous thing to do. Did his family really send him out alone on this LONG journey? Maybe Isaac was putting it as a test for God in the form of protecting Jacob if he really was the chosen one of his boys. Read more »

Genesis 28:6-9 Appeasement

Esau was trying to appease mother and father. But still not walking in God’s way.

Esau is still smarting from the stolen blessing. His “blessing” held a promise at the end but nothing for the immediate future. Now Isaac gives Jacob but another blessing. This one is tied to choosing a wife.

We are not told how old the twins are at this point but I found a few references when I Googled it. After doing some research I’m no more certain than I was when I began. There are differing opinions on how long Jacob stayed in Paddan-aram. All the attempts use backwards math to try and prove out their theory. I’m giving up on determining with any accuracy but am leaning towards the position of him being about 57. This comes from one source I found that the logic of the calculations won me over. I leave the decision up to you on whether to believe it or not. I just can’t reconcile ALL Jacob’s children, except Benjamin, being born within seven years of each other and only one being a girl out of all twelve reported. We know for a fact that he was more than 40 (age at which Esau married the two Hittite women) and less than 130 (when he stood before Pharaoh after coming to Egypt and Joseph’s bidding). I personally can’t be any more precise than that. Read more »

Genesis 28:1-5 Looking for a Bride.

Jacob runs for his life to the next phase of his life in God’s plan. In HIS time!

Jacob has just acquired his father’s best blessing, through deceit, and now he is to follow one last task from his father. This was his mother’s doing too but was commissioned by Isaac.

Abraham started this “tradition” of marrying within the family when he sent his servant to find Isaac a wife. Later on we are told “why” this is so. I believe it is because of the family’s relationship with God. Tera introduced his sons to the true God. His relationship set the stage for his sons. Abraham saw the people in the land and the gods they followed. He wanted no part of that for his son Isaac. Therefore the trip back to his family to find a wife. Read more »

Genesis 27:1-46 Sneak Thief

Sometimes it looks like you can’t wait any longer or you might lose out but God is ALWAYS on time. That’s where faith is born.

With the help of his mother, Joseph steals his brother’s blessing. Rebekah “helped” God and it turned out dangerous too.

Rebekah remembered God’s words to her when she was carrying Esau and Joseph. The younger would rule over the older. This was God’s promise and He never goes back on His word. So she felt she had to think fast to keep Esau from getting what the Lord promised to Jacob.

You and I both know that God could have orchestrated this differently if He chose to. But Rebekah didn’t give Him an opportunity to act. She took matters into her own hands. Jacob points out the first problem he identifies. “I don’t feel like Esau. He is hairy and I’m smooth.” Did you notice that he didn’t even once attempt to tell his mother that this was wrong? He questioned how he would pull it off but not the morality of the whole act. I wonder if she coached him on how to get the birthright too or if they were both “crafty.” Read more »