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2 Timothy 4:9-18 Final Requests

Cared for by God in ALL circumstances.

Paul has a few personal tasks for Timothy before he closes his letter. These might sound mundane to some but they were of great importance to Paul. He fought hard and wanted a couple of comforts at the end.

This is the last letter that Paul writes, that we have anyway. This is also his second time in a Roman prison. The second time is nothing like the first. The first time he was a “prisoner” he actually lived in a house he rented. He had guards but was able to entertain visitors and interact fairly freely with his neighbors. This time, he is not treated gently. In my efforts to learn more about this time, I found a reputable write-up about it at Check it out if you wish.

Paul knows, from the tenor of his encounters with the courts, that he is not getting out this time except through death. He is ready for this and looks forward to seeing Jesus. He is not angry at this outcome or fighting it tooth and nail. He simply wishes for a few of his best friends to be present with him for support and a couple of his treasured belongings. Read more »

Romans 8:12-17 Abba! Father!

My name is in there somewhere too

Paul shares with us today the ultimate gift we receive through Jesus; that of becoming sons and daughters of God. What the Law couldn’t do, Jesus did instead. Through faith in Him we are heirs with Christ.

I can’t remember the first time I asked Jesus into my heart. As long as I can remember He has been my Companion, my Savior. I can, however, remember the last time I prayed that prayer.

Because I didn’t have a clear memory of the first time, I was always afraid that I didn’t REALLY belong to Jesus. So, as a child, every time someone made an impassioned plea for people to give their lives to Jesus, I would join in that prayer again. I was afraid I wasn’t really “saved” and was terrified that somehow I would still wind up going to Hell for my sins. Read more »