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Genesis 15:1-20 More Detail  

A promise worth waiting and fighting for!

We are not told how much time has passed since Lot’s rescue but God wants to renew His commitment to Abram. He strengthens His promise.

God gives Abram a vision where they talk face to face. He addressed Abram’s fear. He promised to be Abram’s shield and He promised him a GREAT reward. I don’t know what Abram was currently afraid. What did he need protection from? Is it possible Abram had been thinking about the five kings and any retaliation they might be planning? Or was he thinking about the promise of an heir?

God didn’t list what He was protecting him against, nor did He list what Abram’s reward would be. Instead He waited on Abram to share his heart with Him. And Abram did just that. He voiced his greatest longing. Rewards meant nothing to him. He had more than enough goods and servants. But one thing was missing; an heir. The thing he lacked and longed for was a child. THAT is the reward he sought. Read more »

1 John 5:13-21 That You May Know

He knows what’s there so I’ll pray regardless of the outward appearance.

John wraps up a little different that Paul does. He hits the high points of his letter as his conclusion. He adds a couple extra points for us too.

John starts his conclusion with his purpose in writing in the first place. He wants us to KNOW that we are God’s children and that we have eternal life as a result of that. He has told us all along what the proof was; that we love God, love and accept Jesus as God’s Son and our Savior, and love one another. These pieces HAVE to be present in the believer’s life for the person to truly belong to God.

I went through MANY years of wondering, when I was younger, if I was REALLY a child of God. I “prayed the sinner’s prayer” more times than I can count. But one day while wondering, the Spirit spoke to me that I WAS His and that I could stop being afraid. That was the most WONDERFUL piece of knowledge I have ever received. I GUARANTEE I am NOT perfect or without sin, but I AM HIS! I pray for each of you to receive that knowledge too! Read more »

Luke 18:35-43 The Chance of a Lifetime

The building blocks of God's Kingdom

The building blocks of God’s Kingdom

We have a familiar story tonight. It is of Jesus healing a blind man outside of Jericho on the way to Jerusalem. Mark tells us the man’s name was Bartimaeus. Matthew tells us there were two blind men present during this event. Luke also chooses to focus our attention on only one man. I am assuming this one was Bartimaeus.

When we looked at the story in Matthew, it was presented in first person style. We were there when “Jesus Heals Two Blind Men.” In Mark’s story we get observe the crowd’s attitude change as they go from trying to silence Bartimaeus to hearing them say instead, “Take Heart, He is Calling You.” Read more »

Luke 17:5-6 Lord, Increase Our Faith!

Deep roots produce healthy plants

Deep roots produce healthy plants

Today we are going to look at Jesus’ disciples’ prayer. This should be our prayer too.

Luke is famous for putting thoughts together instead of timelines. We are not told if this lesson follows on the heels of the previous one. But the topic matter certainly does. In yesterday’s reading we looked at temptation to sin. Today we are looking at faith.

We are told that the apostles asked Jesus to increase their faith. Just in case you are wondering, the apostles were Jesus’ inner circle disciples. When He called twelve of His followers out by name they became our twelve disciples. But He also called them apostles. This elevated them above the rest of Jesus’ followers by a step. The rest of those following Him, who were committed to learn from Him, were also His disciples. But these twelve are the ones who made this request of Jesus.   Read more »

Matthew 9:27-31 Jesus Heals Two Blind Men

two blind men following Jesus

Son of David, have mercy on us

Everywhere Jesus goes, He is met by someone in need. Today we meet two blind men who heard Jesus was passing by. In this story Jesus was on His way to someone’s house. We aren’t told whose house it was. It could have even been Jesus’ own house.

The first thing we notice about these blind men is that they are persistent. They don’t simply sit by the roadside and hope Jesus notices them. They get up and start following Jesus. They follow Him all the way to the house Jesus was going to and even enter the house after has gone inside. I wonder how far they followed Jesus. Why didn’t Jesus heal them on the spot when they first started calling out to Him?

The second thing I notice is that they know of Jesus’ extraordinary power and His lineage. They must have heard tales of Him as people walked by. Maybe even some of their own relatives told them about Jesus and suggested that He might be willing to help them. They call Him the Son of David, which means they recognize Him as the heir that was said to be coming from David’s line that would be the Messiah. Read more »