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Revelation 22:6-21 Not The End

And He provided a preview of the “coming attractions.”

We have come to the end of the book. But it is not the end of our time with Jesus. He promises us “forever” with Him.

What an AMAZING promise! I don’t know exactly what that forever is going to look like or what comes next. But as long as HE is in it, I’m GOLDEN! I think that was John’s reaction too. He was so thankful to the messenger that he fell at his feet. Oops! That reaction is reserved for the author of the message.

I find it interesting that even up until the last moments, we all still have potential to miss it AND to be forgiven. I doubt this letter was written on John’s death bed but he was well versed in Jesus’ teachings by now and yet, he still stumbled. Even more amazing than that is that the Holy Spirit saw fit to include that misstep in the final draft. God is SO gracious! Read more »

Revelation 8:1-5 Seventh Seal

The countdown is getting lower every day!

It is time. Jesus opens the seventh seal on the scroll. This moment is so momentous all of Heaven stands still.

I wonder if this is the first time all of Heaven stood silent. Was Heaven standing still while Jesus was on the cross or was there weeping? Both of these moments of silence were heavy with sorrow but pregnant with anticipation of victory. But it has to hurt before it heals.

God has NOT forgotten about those who turn to Him even in the midst of all this upheaval. The seven angels who had been in attendance with the bowls of prayers from the saints were still there holding them before God. Those prayers had not been left in the “back room” to wait for God to have time to attend to them. They were right before Him.

Now they would be mixed with “much incense” and be offered on the altar before God. He took a DEEP breath and inhaled ALL of them and took a moment to savor them before the major battle begins. I believe they offered Him comfort as much as they brought comfort to those who were in the midst of the great tribulation. Read more »

Revelation 7:1-8 Sealed Status

He is calling. Are you listening? He KNOWS the total count.

Jesus puts a “pause” on the destruction of the earth for a time. He has a specific goal in mind and God’s plans won’t be complete until it is done first.

When we left the last time Jesus had opened six of the seven seals. With the opening of those seals the beginning of the end of the earth was underway. The four horsemen brought political conquest, war, famine, disease, and death. Then heaven and earth began to show signs of breaking.

But wait! It’s not quite time yet. There are still some who would come to Him. The END won’t come until ALL of His family is gathered round. We get to look at the Jewish component of that final family today. The Gentile side will be seen next time. Read more »

Revelation 1:1-3 A Tell-All

I know that even when I’m not holding on tight, He is. So here we go!

John has a special message he gets to share with us. Today he establishes Who the source is; God Himself.

When Jesus was walking with His disciples they asked Him about the end times. They did this because He spoke frequently of a final judgement and a reckoning that would occur. His disciples wanted information about what that time would look like. “Is it soon? How will we know? What do we need to do?” Jesus gave them some of the answers they were seeking but left a LOT of detail out. For John, and the rest of us who read about John’s vision, He filled in SOME of the missing detail.

Jesus doesn’t have ALL the details Himself. He told His disciples that He doesn’t know the day, hour, or timing of His return; only the Father does. So this gift to John was first a gift to Jesus. “The revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave Him to show to His servants” (verse 1a). And He was supposed to share this knowledge with His servants, starting with John. Read more »

2 Timothy 2:14-26 Pick Your Battles

You don’t have to be screaming to be just as hurtful. Is this point THAT important?

Paul begins to focus on the church Timothy is shepherding. There seems to be a lot of unproductive quarreling going on. Debates over matters that don’t matter. It’s time to let the unimportant go and focus on what really matters; being a “worker who has no need to be ashamed” (verse 15b).

This body was caught up in arguing over meaningless things. So many “debates” seem critical at the time. Where and how do you draw the line between what matters and doesn’t matter? I guess the “dividing line” is eternal consequences. Does this issue really matter in the end? Read more »