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Revelation 1:1-3 A Tell-All

I know that even when I’m not holding on tight, He is. So here we go!

John has a special message he gets to share with us. Today he establishes Who the source is; God Himself.

When Jesus was walking with His disciples they asked Him about the end times. They did this because He spoke frequently of a final judgement and a reckoning that would occur. His disciples wanted information about what that time would look like. “Is it soon? How will we know? What do we need to do?” Jesus gave them some of the answers they were seeking but left a LOT of detail out. For John, and the rest of us who read about John’s vision, He filled in SOME of the missing detail.

Jesus doesn’t have ALL the details Himself. He told His disciples that He doesn’t know the day, hour, or timing of His return; only the Father does. So this gift to John was first a gift to Jesus. “The revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave Him to show to His servants” (verse 1a). And He was supposed to share this knowledge with His servants, starting with John. Read more »

2 Timothy 2:14-26 Pick Your Battles

You don’t have to be screaming to be just as hurtful. Is this point THAT important?

Paul begins to focus on the church Timothy is shepherding. There seems to be a lot of unproductive quarreling going on. Debates over matters that don’t matter. It’s time to let the unimportant go and focus on what really matters; being a “worker who has no need to be ashamed” (verse 15b).

This body was caught up in arguing over meaningless things. So many “debates” seem critical at the time. Where and how do you draw the line between what matters and doesn’t matter? I guess the “dividing line” is eternal consequences. Does this issue really matter in the end? Read more »

2 Thessalonians 2:1-12 An Order of Events

Those who are looking will see the difference.

Paul is reassuring some very worried readers. They have the misconception that they have missed the return of Jesus. Whoever convinced them of this should be ashamed of themselves! Paul assures them there are still events to come before Jesus’ return.

Revelation and Daniel are full of prophecies that have to take place before Jesus returns. I am NOT an expert in interpreting these prophecies. But the one Paul is pointing out is a big one that he feels is unmistakable. Read more »

1 Thessalonians 5:1-11 The Coming Day

He IS coming back. Be ready!

Paul addresses the concerns of this new body about the Jesus’ return. The rest of the world will be blindsided but not His body.

We DO NOT know when Jesus will return. Even Jesus Himself doesn’t. Only God does. But He has given us a lot of indicators as to the timing. We have God’s word with every warning and pre sign in it. NO we don’t understand it all and won’t until it is part of hindsight. But what we do know is that He IS coming back. Read more »

Luke 21:10-19 Prosecution’s Purpose

We may not always like the doors God opens, BUT He has a purpose for us on the other side

We are sitting with Jesus and His disciples on the Mount of Olives. He is telling them of the things to come. Jesus addresses the change happening on a global scale first but then He speaks of what will happen to His disciples personally. Jesus finishes our section today with a promise to care for those who endure persecution for His name’s sake.

We looked at Jesus prophecies about the future in both Matthew and Mark. From Matthew’s gospel we drew the blog, “Signs of the End of the Age.” In the blog, “The End is Coming”, from Mark looked at the personal persecution Jesus was predicting for His disciples. Today I feel compelled to look at the why for the persecution promised by Jesus.

Jesus told His disciples that before all the earthquakes and famines and such that they would face personal persecution. “They will lay their hands on you and persecute you, delivering you up to the synagogues and prisons, and you will be brought before kings and governors for my name’s sake” (verse 12). Jesus pulled no punches here. He told His disciples that they WOULD face these things, not that they might or that other people would. Read more »