1. Victoria Nimmo Walters
    March 18, 2016 @ 1:57 PM

    Many years ago when Royal Lee and I were in a time of deep financial struggle, Our Lord told us, “Do what you can with what you have, and when it is gone, I will replace it.” We clung to those words as a lifeline–and no matter how tight things got…we never ran completely out, of ANYTHING.

    I don’t have anxiety conquered, either. Even though He has proven His faithfulness time and time again. Still, I lean on His words–and He still comes through.

    • avincent
      March 18, 2016 @ 4:56 PM

      Just like Elijah and the widow who fed him. That is awesome!
      I had a time when the kids and I lived in TN where things were REALLY tight and I had bills due. Most of them could wait but my license was about to expire. On the way to work one day, I simply sent a prayer/wish to God. I said, “It sure would be nice if a check would show up in my mailbox so I could pay for my renewal.” The next day there was a check in my mailbox with exactly what I needed!! He is SO faithful, even when we are not.

  2. Victoria Nimmo Walters
    March 19, 2016 @ 1:24 PM

    YES, He is! I can tell so may stories of how He provided for us over the years and continues to provide for me, now. One of my best friends just shakes his head at me whenever things look like they are getting a little rough–because over the course of our friendship he has seen for himself the hand of God that rests on my life. I’ve even heard him say, “No matter what happens, Vicky comes out on top.” And, we both know that it isn’t because of who I am or what I do…it’s simply God’s favor.

    You know, Scripture says that God Himself is the father of the orphan and the husband of the widow. Depending on Him to be my provider means I lack no good thing. Sometimes I have to wait a while, but I almost always get what I pray for…and the few times I don’t, He carries me through the problem in ways that I hadn’t thought of.

    One of the things I’m dealing with right now is not being able to see well enough to drive safely at night, and it’s even worse if it’s raining. A couple of weeks ago, I had agreed to go to a Dinner at Villa International (a Christ-centered hospitality house that provides no-cost/low-cost housing to international exchange (college) students who are in Atlanta for a short time as part of their major.) I have been fielding invitations to join their board of directors for the past two years, and this was the first time one of their events had actually fit my schedule. The event was held this past Sunday in the early evening hours. The week had been beautiful, but on Saturday night there was a forecast for severe thunder showers on Sunday.

    When I woke up Sunday morning, the sun was shining and there was no indication of any inclement weather approaching…but by the time church was over, it was beginning to sprinkle. In Atlanta, a few sprinkles can develop into torrential rains in the time it takes to get in the car and exit the parking lot, or they can fade away to nothing. In this case, by the time I had traveled the five miles between church and home, it was raining pretty good. Knowing that Villa International is in Atlanta proper, I did not feel at all comfortable making the drive in the rain, so I asked God to make it stop and hold it back until after I got home (which would be around 9PM.) After about an hour, the rain stopped. I went to the event. There was no more rain that night, and…we haven’t had any rain since. Some might say that was a coincidence–but I say it was answered prayer. Yet, I know that had we really needed the rain that night, He would have protected me through it. It’s just nice to know that He listens to my requests and takes care of my needs.

    • avincent
      March 19, 2016 @ 3:41 PM

      That is AWESOME! I too have had Him hold the rain for my driving or open up a parking space. He listens to even the little things His children need.