1. Victoria
    May 6, 2016 @ 10:25 PM

    I’m so glad that Jesus set us the example of seeking time away when we feel sorrowful or stressed or…there could be any number of reasons. I’ve heard it said that Jesus moved from solitude to solitude–and worked miracles in between; as though it was the solitary times of prayer that enabled him to endure the long stretches of ministry time. I can see that. And when I’m faithful to follow his example (and most often I’m not…) I can feel the renewal of strength and energy that is needed to thrive in the work of the ministry. But more often, I forget where my strength lies, and try to bear the burdens of life squarely on my own two shoulders–instead of slipping away in solitude.

    Now you’d think that would be a simple thing: for one who lives alone to enjoy times of solitude. But it isn’t. I’m drawn to the doing, more often than simply the be-ing. If my hands aren’t busy, I either find something for them to do–or go to sleep.

    Yet I fully recognize that if Our Lord needed times of refreshment, how much more so do we? The Bible tells us that “refreshing comes from the Presence of the Lord.” So, in those times of solitude, we are to seek the Presence of the Lord and allow Him to refresh our spirits. I firmly believe this is the key for not experiencing “Burn Out.”

    I’m praying for Steve. Please let me know how things are progressing.

    I love you and your tribe. 🙂
    Aunt Vicky

    • avincent
      May 7, 2016 @ 3:50 PM

      Sometimes I think I have too much solitude. I actually spend a lot of time alone, because my husband is sleeping, but I find myself trying to fill it with stuff. Because of this blog I have taken to filling a lot of those hours with God’s word. For that I am very grateful, but I still don’t spend time in His presence like I should or want to. I fall asleep when I pray too often.